At Podium, we want to ensure our patients have the knowledge and tools needed to live their best life.  Pursuit of longevity is a part of that, but more important is the opportunity to live well and experience the vitality of health.  This requires a proactive approach which values disease prevention and optimization of physiology over a focus on the treatment of illness.

Sports medicine is the perfect foundation for wellness, as it is a unique discipline in healthcare.  (In most countries in the world, it's actually called "Sports and Exercise Medicine".)  Ours is the only sub-specialty which focuses on improving day-to-day performance and ensuring patients are healthy, energetic, and able to take on daily challenges and stress.  The same body of medical literature which informs elite athletes with regard to their health and performance can be used by the rest of us to ensure that we are ready to face our daily challenges.  Being able to juggle work, family, travel, exercise, and your personal ambitions is not easy.  Approaching these challenges while maintaining physical health, proper sleep, ideal body weight, and a reserve of energy requires the implementation of medical and performance principles which set you up for success.


Don't just live your days, live them well.



Providing globally-recognized expertise focused on improving wellness and longevity.


At Podium, we understand your perspective, and our highly-regarded professionals will provide the uniquely personalized care you desire. From an ongoing concierge program to a one-time wellness consultation, we have a plan to meet every need and budget.  We understand your active lifestyle, whether you are a longtime health enthusiast or a just starting your journey toward addressing your personal wellness.


Helping you live better, longer.




Expert assessment and advice regarding your overall health and wellness

Detailed screening for health risks

Personalized wellness plans and ongoing support

Exercise prescription

Nutrition assessment and prescription

Diagnosis and treatment of injury or illness



One-time assessment

One-time visit to address your health, wellness, and daily performance.  Included in this assessment, as warranted, are:

  • 75 minute initial visit with doctor

  • Biomarker analysis

  • Nutritional analysis

  • Imaging ordered and reviewed

  • Exercise and nutrition advice

  • 1 month of secure text messaging afterward

  • Payable by FSA / HSA account

  • Insurance reimbursable *


signature Wellness package

For those who ask the most of themselves and want the same from their health and wellness team, we offer Signature Wellness.  This is 12 months of continuous care and clinical coaching, aimed at ensuring you are ready to achieve your goals.  Get priority support from the staff at Podium.  Included in this program are:

  • 75 minute annual visit with doctor

  • 3 quarterly follow-up visits

  • Custom biomarker analysis twice per year

  • Ongoing health coaching and nutrition counceling

  • Secure text messaging with the Podium team

  • Priority appointments as needed

  • Movement Screen and exercise prescription

  • Annual testing to evaluate metabolic & mitochondrial function

  • Discounted services at Knoxville Performance Lab

  • Payable by FSA / HSA account

  • Insurance reimbursable *


* Insurance reimbursement depends on your personal plan.