Concierge Programs

For those who desire a higher level of service coupled with a clinical coaching model which provides ongoing guidance throughout the year, we offer two Concierge Programs.  Our Premium Wellness program is perfect for the motivated patient seeking to optimize their health and wellbeing, while the Elite Care Program is tailored to dedicated athletes of any level.


Signature Wellness


Our Signature Wellness package is for those individuals who make their health a priority, understanding that it is crucial to their performance in day-to-day life.  Whether a fitness enthusiast or just someone who wants to ensure that they set themselves up for a long life full of energy and vitality, this program will give you the tools and expertise needed to achieve your goals.  Enrolling in this year-long service will provide you with a program that keeps your health on track and will set you up with a physician who understands your goals and has the expertise necessary to help you reach them.

Signature sport


Our Signature Sport package is designed with the dedicated performance enthusiast in mind.  If you enjoy training for any type of event and pushing your body on the competitive field, this program will help set you up to achieve your goals.  You don't need to be a professional athlete or even a regular podium finisher to enjoy the challenge of a good race.  Enrolling in our concierge service will set you up with a doctor who understands your desire to push yourself in your chosen sport, and will provide you with a year-long program to help keep you on track.


Telemedicine (out-of-town) Packages

Our Signature Telemed package is designed to support our patients who do not live locally or regionally and cannot reasonable come to our office quarterly. Using secure text message and video chat, we can offer our out-of-town patients many of the same services that our local patients receive.