Dr. Sprouse joins The Feed as Chief Medical Advisor


Dr. Sprouse has joined The Feed as their Chief Medical Advisor! If you’re not familiar with The Feed, here’s a description from their website:

“We are athletes like you. We have experienced how eating smarter can make a meaningful difference in our training. Improving your nutrition is one of the quickest ways to see meaningful improvements in performance. Our mission at The Feed is to educate you about how to eat smarter, discover great new products, and recommend the best products for your lifestyle.”

The Feed is a fantastic resource for athletes and anyone interested in healthy food options, supplementation, and education on these types of products. The company’s founder, Matt Johnson, sent out this information by email last week:

I'm really excited to announced that Dr. Kevin Sprouse has joined our team at The Feed as our Chief Medical Advisor.

Dr. Sprouse is one of the most respected physicians in the U.S. when it comes to the unique needs of elite endurance athletes.  He takes a comprehensive approach to wellness that incorporates science, medicine, nutrition, performance, and longevity. In addition to his practice at Podium Sports Medicine (www.podiumsportsmed.com), Dr. Sprouse is also the Head of Medicine for the World Tour Cycling Team, EF Education First.

Kevin and I were speaking this spring and were looking to bring on the same supplements that he uses with his elite athletes from a company called Thorne. Thorne has the highest quality ingredient sourcing in the world, but until now, you could only purchase it from your physician. We are excited to now offer the full line up of Thorne Supplements at The Feed.

If you are interested in learning more about what sets Thorne a part, read "Why Thorne, by Dr. Sprouse" section at the bottom of this email.

To get started here are Dr. Sprouse's Top 5 Thorne Products that every serious endurance athletes should consider adopting into their daily routine:

1) Replenish Nutrients:

When your body is subject to the extreme stress of training and racing, it can be difficult to replace all of the necessary micronutrients. That's where Thorne's Multi-vitamin Elite comes in; it has two formulas that help support performance nutrition and are great for the elite athlete. The AM formula promotes energy production while the PM formula promotes rest and sleep.

👉 Get Thorne Multi-Vitamin Elite

2) Improve Gut Health:

The integrity of the gut is essential for nutrient absorption, immune function, hormone regulation, and much more, but can take a beating from heavy training. Thorne Florasport is a daily probiotic that contains 20 billion live active cultures per capsule that support the digestive tract and immune health for individuals under stress, like training.

👉 Get Thorne FloraSport Probiotics

3) Reduce Inflammation:

Hard training and racing cause muscle damage and inflammation, which can make it harder to recover between sessions. Omega-3 fatty acids are potent anti-inflammatory, and Thorne Super EPA has the ideal concentration of the most beneficial ones to help with inflammation in muscles and joints, enhance mood, and support brain and heart health.

👉 Get Thorne Super EPA Omega-3s

4) Maintain Endurance Performance:

Iron is vital for performance because it's a significant component of red blood cells, which carry oxygen to working muscles. During intense training and racing blocks, endurance athletes will often see a drop in their iron stores (ferritin), which can impact performance if it is too pronounced. Because of this, many riders will take iron supplements, like this Thorne Iron Bisglycinate, to ensure they maintain those stores. However, some people have naturally high ferritin levels and should not take iron supplements. Kevin always recommends a blood test first to determine if you might benefit from taking iron.

👉 Get Thorne Iron Bisglycinate

5) Immune Support:

An intense event, like The Tour, can lead to immune suppression and put athletes at a higher risk for illness and infection. After select stages, riders will often take supplements, such as Thorne Zinc Picolinate, to reinforce their immune system. Although there’s nothing magic about these supplements, along with the daily multivitamin and probiotic, this provides a reasonable means of supporting immune function during a race.

👉 Get Thorne Zinc Picolinate

👨‍🔬 Why Thorne (by Dr. Kevin Sprouse)

Thorne is a different kind of supplement manufacturer. Since the US has no agency that oversees and certifies supplement manufacturers, Thorne went to another country which is notoriously strict in this regard, Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration. Thorne is the first US supplement company to achieve this certification.

Additionally, they are an NSF Certified manufacturer (including NSF Certified for Sport), and they are compliant with the FDA’s Current Good Manufacturing Practices. They test every product for hundreds of contaminants and banned substances, and they aim to use the most bioavailable sources of ingredients. They produce high-quality supplements which are admittedly not cheap! But they are trusted by institutions like the Mayo Clinic and many of the US Olympic Programs.

The only prudent and effective nutritional strategies must focus on foods, not supplements. Supplements can play an important role, though, but they can’t fix a terrible diet. With this as a foundational premise, I look at supplements as providing an added benefit, which can help optimize one’s nutrition and health. They can give some patients with added benefits to a healthy diet when needed. There is no room for dangerous, contaminated, cheap, poorly-absorbed, or unregulated products which work counter to this goal.

If you have any questions about Thorne, just hit reply and we will be happy to help you out!

Matt & Dr. Kevin Sprouse
The Feed. 

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