New Practice Format!

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This fall, Podium will begin accepting new patients again, but there will be a change in the structure and focus of our practice. I wanted to take this opportunity to explain why this is, and how it will work.

One of the things I’ve realized during my sabbatical is that I sincerely enjoy developing a personal relationship with my patients. While abroad, there have been a handful of patients (mostly professional athletes) with whom I’ve continued to work. Without knowing it, this 6-8 months turned into a test case for how I’d like to restructure my practice. 

During this time, I had the freedom and the availability to maintain ongoing communication with patients in a very personalized manner. Conversations occurred on a regular basis, by phone or over a cup of coffee. I enjoyed having the time to spend on each and every individual, thinking about their challenges and how to best address them. I enjoyed having the availability to take their calls and even meet with their coaches and specialists when needed. I enjoyed meeting up with them in cities across the country (and the world!) as I traveled. It was a unique and fulfilling way to practice medicine, especially in a healthcare system in which doctor-patient relationships really no longer exist.

But there was much more to this than just my enjoyment! More importantly, I realized that this was a much more effective way to care for my patients. With time, attention, and availability, I was able to provide better advice and ultimately, I think, better care. If that wasn’t the case, I assure you there would be no enjoyment on my part!

With this as rationale, Podium is transitioning solely to a retainer-based medical practice. In the past, we offered Concierge plans, but it was difficult to balance that with a more typical practice in which I may see a patient for infrequent appointments. This model will allow a much higher level of care, for athletes and non-athletes alike.

What does this mean for prospective patients?

From this point forward, the number of patients I’ll work with at Podium will be extremely limited. The focus will be on quality, not quantity. Those wishing to be patients at Podium will pay monthly retainer fees which will cover the vast majority of costs arising during their care at Podium. Each patient will have an individualized plan created to address their health and performance objectives. Most importantly, communication between patients and the Podium team will be frequent and easy. You can learn more HERE.

How soon will we begin taking patients?

New patients will be accepted on a rolling basis beginning in September and October. Only a few new patients will be started in the program each month, but you can join the waitlist HERE. Initially, we are only accepting patients who live in TN, NY, CA, IL, TX, FL, or OH. If you do not live in one of these states, you may travel to Knoxville to enroll in the program. Throughout the year, I will visit major cities in these states to allow face-to-face onboarding and check-ins with new patients. (And yes, we hope to add Colorado very soon!)

Will one-time consultations be possible?

Perhaps, but rarely.  We will likely offer a couple consultations per month for patients who are not in the retainer program.  If desired, please call the office for more information.

If you would like more information on becoming a patient, please join our waitlist.

Kevin Sprouse