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As many of you know, this year has led to some big changes for me and my medical practice.  I have taken the opportunity to move temporarily to Europe in order to work more closely with some of my athletes there.  It’s a bit of a sabbatical from my office practice at Podium, but I will be returning to Podium late in 2019 or early 2020.  In the meantime though, I am focusing on caring for a handful of professional athletes, in multiple sports, located in both the US and Europe.  Additionally, it’s provided a chance for my family and me to experience a different pace of life in Spain.  The cultural education for our kids is already proving invaluable…and a lot of fun!

During this sabbatical from the office, I am taking time to read and write more.  In doing so, I am going to be posting regular blog entries on the Podium site.  The topics will vary, but I hope you find them interesting.  I’ll also be sending a bi-weekly email which will highlight these blog posts.  (If you want to subscribe, you can do so by going to the Blog site.)  I’d like a big part of this to revolve around questions from you.  What do you want to read about?  What questions do you have about health, training, diet, making the perfect paella?  (I know nothing about making paella, but I’m willing to do the difficult, on-the-ground research and tasting necessary to answer the question!)

Below, you can use the two forms to subscribe to these emails and to submit questions. You can also just submit questions to  I won’t be able to answer all of them, but I’ll do my best.  Patrick will help curate these requests and determine which topics are surfacing most frequently.  Then, we’ll dig into those.

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