Cardiac Screening on

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Dr. Sprouse recently shared his insight on cardiac screening with the cycling publication, CyclingTips.  Read his article below...

The subspecialty of sports cardiology is still somewhat in its infancy. The body of knowledge is growing rapidly and consensus expert opinion can change fairly quickly, if it is reached at all.

It’s been more than a month since the dust settled on Paris-Roubaix, regarded by many as the sport’s most important one day race — a race put into stark perspective by the death of a rider. Michael Goolaerts, a 23-year-old Belgian cyclist, suffered cardiac arrest during the race and later passed away at the hospital in Lille. While tragedies like this are uncommon in sports, they happen frequently enough that they have become increasingly familiar.

As a sports medicine specialist and team doctor in cycling’s WorldTour, I find these stories both heartbreaking and unsettling. In the days after Paris-Roubaix, I read articles and heard podcasts discussing cardiac testing and risk for riders. I found that some information was good, some was incomplete, and many of these publications left more questions than answers.

Kevin Sprouse