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Podium Sports Medicine strives to provide progressive, evidence-informed medical care and performance advice to both elite athletes and patients who are simply interested in health and vitality. In a troubling paradox, our present day healthcare system is poorly equipped to promote health and wellness in motivated patients. Podium Sports Medicine provides a rarefied approach to optimizing patient health and performance, whatever the patient’s goals and interests. We offer a patient-focused, highly personal, retainer model practice that brings a discerning, informed, relational approach to healthcare.

It is our belief that most people, when provided with the appropriate knowledge, can achieve their goals of health, vitality, and performance. The Latin root of the word for doctor means teacher. We aim to teach our patients how to live healthy, fulfilling lives. We eschew the “pill for every ill” mentality. We strive not for quick fixes but to support true lifestyle changes, which are ultimately much more successful and sustainable.

If you are looking for shortcuts and symptomatic fixes, Podium will not be a good fit for you. If you are in it for the long run, understanding that health is a lifelong journey, then we are here to walk with you and help guide the way.


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For the past decade, Dr. Kevin Sprouse has been working with professional and recreational athletes at all levels.  He is a internationally-recognized expert in sports performance, with a focus on nutrition, training principles, injury prevention and injury treatment.

Your health Advisor

Health and Performance are not reserved for those with athletic ambition.  The goal of Sports Science and Sports Medicine is optimization of function, the achievement of which can benefit anyone.  Dr. Kevin Sprouse works with motivated individuals who simply want to improve their day-to-day performance, their sense of wellbeing, and maximize both their vitality and lifespan.


Performance testing
@ Knoxville Performance Lab

Podium has joined forces with the Knoxville Performance Lab to create the region's premiere athletic testing facility.  Not only does KPL now offer the latest in equipment and protocols, but paired with the expertise of Podium's staff, test interpretation and subsequent advice are individualized and state-of-the-art.