Nutrition Coaching

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Nutrition Coaching Services at Podium

What is a Nutrition coach? 

A nutrition coach is someone who helps guide your dietary decisions. A coach does not necessarily give you a strict diet plan but more so helps you identify limiting factors and habits that led you to seek coaching in the first place. Its not just weightloss. Maybe you feel drained during training intervals. You may be bored with the same food over and over again, or maybe you just need someone to help you identify problem spots with your nutrition. Either way seeking a coach may be the next step for you. 

What is the benefit? 

As with all coaches, having a defined plan and accountability will no doubt help your success. A nutrition coach can help you improve your body composition, reach performance goals, learn new meal ideas, build new habits, and reach your goals. 

What does a session include? 

A coaching session can cover a variety of topics but some things are always standard. All sessions include a 3 - 5 day food log review, goal setting session, planning and strategy development as well as associated "homework." I follow a habit based approach to help you develop consistency in your dietary choices. 

What is the cost? 

Sessions are organized in a way to best suit your needs. We can meet in person or via web chat. Weekly, monthly, quarterly and even yearly sessions can be arranged. A single hour long session will be $50.00. If you commit to four quarterly sessions the cost is $200.00 and includes a body composition scan with Musclesound. More frequent sessions can be arranged privately with a negotiated price.