Workout of the Week

We're getting back in the swing of things posting weekly workouts for you to enjoy. 

For this week's workout we have an FTP based ramp protocol. In the spirit of collaboration our new work study intern Elliot and I have decided to trade coaching for training. He'll help me get faster on the bike and I'll help him keep upper body strength as the miles crank up.  If you want to know more about Elliott or the packages we've set up with him you can check out his coaching page here

On to the workout 

I've strategically hidden my personal power numbers for fear of embarrassment so well stick to percentages for this workout. 

1.   Warm up - 5 min @ 45 % of FTP                                                                                               

2.   Ramp up in 3 steps

1.   3 min @ 60 % of FTP

2.  3 min @ 75 % of FTP

3.  5 min @ 90 % of FTP

3.   Recovery - 5 min @ 55 % of FTP

4.   Ramp up in 3 steps

1.  3 min @ 60 % of FTP

2.  3 min @ 75 % of FTP

3.  5 min @ 90 % of FTP                                                                                          

5.   Recovery 5 min @ 55 % of FTP

6.   Repeat 3 times

1.   Hard - 3 min @ 90 % of FTP

2.  Harder - 1 min @ 100 % of FTP                                                                                                  3.  Easy - 2 min @ 55% of FTP                                                                                      

7.   Recovery - 5 min @ 55 % of FTP


' The purpose and timing of this workout is perfect for cold winter days when the daylight is short and you are working on your aerobic engine. The common myth throughout the winter is to train your "base foundation" of fitness through long, slow miles. Unfortunately this stigma is a little off, unless you are able to train 20+ hours a week; long, slow miles and base might not be the best option for you. If this is the case, the best way to maintain your fitness throughout the winter is through still working in the aerobic zones such as tempo. Tempo intervals are also a great way to get the best "bang for you buck" while riding the trainer. It's been proven that training right underneath your Functional Threshold Power (FTP), is the most efficient way to train it and improve it. 

Now with a little background in the physiology of the training concepts, we arrive at our Workout of the Week. The FTP Ramps really focus on training within the Tempo Zone, they provide you with a slow ramp and build-up to activate the energy systems that are comprised within this zone. For this workout, you complete two ramps ending with 5 minutes of tempo each, followed by a 5 minute recovery and then a different ramp protocol for the next set of intervals. This next ramp begins with 3 minutes at Tempo, and ending with a minute of your FTP. These intervals will help you to work a higher intensity and build your functional power while there is already stress placed on the body. ' 

- Elliott