Workout of the Week - Week Eighteen

This week we're going back to our roots with a cycling workout. 

Race season is mostly over and its time to start preparation for next year. Unless you're one of the special few who like gravel and cyclocross. 


What are your goals for this offseason? 

- Improve your climbing? 

- Push your threshold? 

- Develop thicker tan lines?


Its important to define your goal and set a specific plan no matter what you want to achieve. Its easy to get off track in the offseason. Shorter days and cooler temperatures make it easy to phone in a session on the trainer at home. Its important to remain focused because this is when you can strengthen your weakness and build a stronger base for next year. 

Many of our previous cycling workouts are based on power. Training with power is undoubtedly the best way to train however not every one is privy to power meters. Applications such as Strava or Whoop give you an estimated power but not until after you've completed your ride. This week we're going to base your workout on time, feel, and speed.

The plan is to perform 30 second accelerations. Don't go all out in the first second, build through the 30 seconds working up to a flat out effort.  

20 min warm up 

30 s acceleration 

3 min recovery 

Repeat 5 times - Record/Remember Final Acceleration Peak speed 

10 min easy spin 

30 s acceleration 

1 min recovery 

Repeat 3 times 

10-20 min cool down

Your goal is to achieve the same acceleration in the second set of three with less rest as the last acceleration from your first set. Say you hit 30 on your final acceleration of the first set. You goal is to accelerate to the same speed on your second set of accelerations. 

This workout is developing your ability to match acclerations/attacks after you've previously pushed past threshold on numerous occasions i.e. punchy climbs and attacks. You'll be switching from aerobic to anaerobic when you start your accelerations. The three minutes will allow your body to transition back into a steady aerobic state before hitting your next kick. This is best suited for the trainer but can be done out on the road.