Workout of the Week - Week Fifteen

For week fifteen we have a workout from Crossfit Knoxville Coach and owner Johnny Davis.  Johnny is a Crossfit Level 1 coach, Barbell and mobility coach as well as a USA Weightlifting certified instructor. For this workout Johnny moves away from the barbell and focuses on the simplest of training tools, the kettlebell.  Take care to start light with this workout as the key to progress is focusing on perfecting your form and keeping yourself focused on each step. The video below offers you step by step instruction on performing the Get-up correctly.


My favorite workout is 10 minutes of Deliberate Turkish get-ups. I use the word Deliberate strongly because without it, the response is not the same. Weight is irrelevant and can be pushed over time but if it’s increased too rapidly the move from stabilizers to prime movers will happen and negate many of the benefits. I highly suggest watching Jeff Martone’s video on the “tactical Turkish get-up” as a reference point.

The Workout: Lay in the floor, set a clock and alternate hands until 10 minutes is complete. Go as slow as you can but as fast as necessary for balance, pausing in every position along the way for an internal and external survey. Am I engaged? Am I pushing the KB/DB/Object as close to the ceiling as possible? Am I forcing my body to move the way it’s designed, therefor releasing restrictions and turning on muscles/patterns that aren’t normally firing? Am I thinking about work or pushing the ground away and the KB to the ceiling?

Think about keeping the ground and the KB as far apart as possible the entire time, and be very mindful of the entire process. When the thought process changes from doing a get up to taking the object to the ceiling, the mind engages the body differently and things fire differently and more accurately. The stability required because of the uni-lateral forces on both upper and lower body are very beneficial. The large range of motion required (if light weights are used and deliberate slow motion is used) will fix many mobility issues as well.

Think Yoga with weight. It can be very beneficial in more ways than physical for sure and very mind clearing. It’s not good to think about your boss when you have a metal object over your head!