Workout of the Week - Week Twelve

Welcome back. I decided to take a week off to give you ample time to put down strava and do an untracked unplanned workout. I was also at the beach. 

Now, back to the fun stuff. This week our workout comes form professional Cyclist Clay Murfit. Clay is an accomplished cyclist as well as co owner of The Crit Life. The Crit Life is a new team with a new concept, focus on crit races and win crit races. His workout focuses on developing your ability to accelerate and match or create your own attack. He also uses a mixture of seated and standing positions as well as different cadences to get you ready for anything your next race may throw at you. 



This workout is all about quality and executing the workout with patience. (don't go too hard too soon)

I typically do this workout at a set of 5 minutes, with 5 minutes recovery in between each set.  Do 3-4 sets.

This workout is all about recovery and its important not to go out too hard in the first or second set.  These are not 100%, but more about 85-90%.

Hard but not full gas.  This is also like being in a race and accelerating after an attack, but over and over again.  The first few wont be hard, but trust me, by the 3rd or 4th set you will be feeling it. That's why quality is important, picking a power number like 500 watts is hard, but not hard enough that you can't do it for 4 sets.

Don't be a hero and go out and do 650 watts and then drop off and finish at 300. Try and be consistent and do efforts the same.

I like mixing it up and doing the first set seated at a high (110) cadence, second set seated in a bigger gear (80) cadence, third set COMPLETELY out of the saddle, and the last set a combination of high cadence, low cadence and in and out of the saddle.

Give this workout a week or so to feel the benefits. It's the go to for me at least once a week to get the legs race ready.

Warm up 20 mins

5 mins - 20/40 - 110 seated cadence (450-500w)

5 mins recovery - under 100w

5 mins - 20/40 - 80 cadence seated

5 mins recovery

5 mins 20/40 out of saddle

10 mins recovery

15 mins tempo (270-290w)

20 mins recovery home

This will be around 1.5hrs

Good Luck