Workout of the Week - Week Eleven

Welcome back to the workout of the week. We're nearly a dozen weeks in and have discussed everything from hotel workouts to meditation. This week we're taking another turn and discussing technology and training. 

Many of our workouts require the use of technology. At times a simple stop watch is all you need while other workouts require advanced tools such as power meters or heart rate monitors. Technology is great but when does it become too much? If I forget my watch and can't log miles into Strava or Training Peaks I feel like my workout doesn't count. I feel let down if I don't complete my set miles or hours each week and find myself relying more on my watch for pacing and less on feel. When does the law of diminishing returns come into affect with technology and training? A new book Unplugged is being released this week and discusses this very topic. Authors Brian Mackenzie, Dr. Andy Galpin, and Phil White set out to illuminate the value of training with and without the newest GPS, Heart Rate, Cadence, Power, midi-chlorian monitor. 

I'm not saying throw your power meters away, but if you feel so inclined send me an email and let me know what trash can you'll be using. Theres no doubt that to remain competitive these tools are necessary. I am an avid user of technology and would never be able to progress without measuring and monitoring progress or accounting for volume and intensity. What I am saying is that maybe every now and again we should step away from tracking everything and just move.  

For this week, go do a workout unplanned and un-tracked. Set out for a ride with a friend or spouse and don't check your watts, just enjoy riding your bike. Go for a run but stop and enjoy the outdoors and don't stress about keeping a 6:20 Pace. Ignore your devices and just enjoy your sport. This may be hard to do but at the end of the day we run, bike, swim, lift, or just move because its an enjoyable activity. Be a kid, play a little bit and make your workouts feel less like work.