Workout of The Week - Week Nine

Nine weeks later and we're still at it. 

As usual, we have one endurance and one strength workout to share with you. I've kept myself out of it this week to let a couple of great local athletes take you through their workouts. 

This week's endurance segment comes from local Triathlete and endurance enthusiast Lana Burl. Lana works with several endurance athletes, she is a USAT level 1 coach, USAC Level 3 coach and has a Masters Degree in Nutrition. You can contact her at

The workout I love to hate is the very simple 8 x 800 with 400 recoveries;

It's a favorite just one week prior to any big race, suitable to "sharpen" for everything from a 10K to an Ironman.

Warm up with 1600 to 3200 before the intervals which are performed at maximum effort.

This run can be performed at a track, but a greenway like Melton Hill or Third Creek(For those in Knoxville) provides delightful distraction. The biggest benefit is the mental toughness, as well as the development of a long kick heading to any finish line. I love it because it works, and I hate it because it's eight 800s!

Bonus : Check out Lana's blog for another workout the "No Thank You." 

Our strength workout for this week is all about the bass, aka the Glutes.

I know you're tired of hearing me talk so I'll let Podium Team Member Katie Dotson take you through this one.  Katie is a Certified Strength & Conditioning specialist, Precision Nutrition Level one Coach, Triathlete, and all around awesome coach and person. 

My favorite workout opener and/or closer is all about the glutes! Glutes help hold your pelvis and lower back steady, aid in hip extension and flexion (needed to stand up, sit down, climb stairs as well as run and bike), and facilitate hip rotation (think stability - navigating trails or avoiding your kids Legos all over the floor). Translation - Glutes make you more awesome!

When glutes are strong and firing, we can propel ourselves forward better, keep our hips/legs/knees/torso aligned, and power each and every pedal or run stroke! This translates to faster, more enduring, more stable, more powerful athlete. *Sign me up!* When our glutes are weak or not activated, it can lead to Achilles issues, shinsplints, runners knees, IT band issues, increase likelihood of tripping or turning an ankle and much more. Let's put that asset to good use!

Opener (to prep the glutes to go to work):

Glute Bridge, with Moderate band resistance just above the knees, 2x8reps focusing on form

Seated Glute Abduction, Moderate band resistance, 1-2 sets 8-12 reps at 3 angles (leaned forward, sitting upright, leaning back)

Workout Closer:

Glute Bridge from bench, weighted or with a band just above knees, 2x8-12 reps

Mod to heavy load Seated Hip Abduction, heavy band resistance, 1 set, same # of reps at each of the 3 angles, likely 12+ reps

Thanks for checking out week Nine. 

How are we doing? Are workouts clear and easy to understand? Do we need to be more descriptive? Are the PDF files opening properly? I am still new at blogging so please let me know if there is anything you think would help us improve this page.

- Pat