Workout of The Week - Week Eight


Eight Weeks in and we have another awesome workout from Expert Coach and Professional Competitor Matthew Busche.  Matthew is a life long lover of endurance sports who has competed in three grand tours and has won The US National Road Championship Twice. Matthew runs Busche Endurance and is a Professional Carmichael Training Systems Coach. Check out his website for more info.

Tempo or Steady State with Accelerations:

These intervals are great to simulate the demands of a race and help the body learn to continue to work while buffering lactic acid. You have to work into them by building your tempo and/or steady state base prior to adding accelerations.

To complete one you start each piece with a 10-15sec acceleration, which is more or less an attack, then settle into your rhythm until it is time to attack again.

A typical effort might be 12-15 minutes long with an acceleration to start, one every 3rd or 4th minute, and one to finish.

Take around half the interval length as recovery time and repeat.

This week we're getting into a more advanced strength routine with compound lifts. I have included longer videos from trusted names in the strength and conditioning industry such as Mark Rippetoe. Compound movements like the squat and deadlift are widely accepted as the most efficient method to improve your athletic performance. That being said, they also require more time and effort to perfect the form and maximize your return. If you do not feel confident with these motions I encourage you to find a good coach or trainer. There is no substitute for live feedback from a coach when learning new movements. If you're working on your own, progress slowly and don't worry about weight. If you feel anything go wrong in the lift, stop, deload, and start back at square one. 

Hope you enjoy the workout. 

- Pat