Workout of The Week - Week Seven

Welcome to week Seven. This week we've got cycling on the brain coming off the finish of the Giro and the start of The Tour De Suisse.  In the spirit of cycling season we have a no frills max effort workout from Podium Racing Team member Chris Morelock. Chris keeps this workout simple by using small 5 watt intensity bumps every 5 minutes. Let us know how far you make it by tagging us on Strava, Instagram, or Facebook with your final wattage. 

20' warmup

Beginning in low/mid z2 add 5 watts every 5 minutes.

Go until exhaustion.

Long cooldown

Starts so easy, but oh so tough to really get the most out of it. (usually done right before a recovery block)

For this weeks strength program we will focus on the underworked upper body of cyclists. Long rides can lead to a tight low back and sore shoulders or traps. While some of this can be a fit problem, general fatigue from hours in the saddle can be prevented or reduced with a few targeted strength exercises. Adding extra work by focusing on the low back as well as shoulders and mid/low trap can help increase your comfort on long rides. If your diligent with your strength program but still get a tight neck or back, consider getting a professional bike fit.  

The link below takes you to the program. Each exercise links to a video demonstration of the exercise. The sets a and reps are only a suggestion, always self modify and add sets or reps as needed. If you have any questions as always feel free to contact me at