Workout of The Week - Week Two

Welcome Back!

This week we're offering two workouts, one cycling and one strength. 

Our cycling workout comes from Podium Racing p/b Visit Knoxville team member Ashley Powell. Ashley's routine combines cycling intervals with plyometric and isometric leg work. This short routine is a nice mix up for those of you accustomed to being glued to the saddle for a long spin. 


Here is one of my favorite workouts:

-Easy spin for 10 minutes

-5 minutes @70 rpm, 3 minutes easy, 5 minutes @70rpm again.

-off the bike 20 squat hops, 20 second wall sit, 15 squat hops, 30 second wall sit.

Repeat main set 3x through total

For this weeks strength workout we've asked Britton Leitch of Provision Health & Fitness to share one of his favorites. Britton's routine combines Kettlebells, TRX, and the beloved rower. This routine is simple yet effective and works the entire body.  

Kettlebell Swing x 10-15

TRX Double Arm Row x 10-15

Kettlebell Goblet Squat x 10-15

TRX Push-Up x 10-15

Kettlebell Turkish Get-Up x 5/5 (5 each Side) 

1,000 Meter Sprint on the Rower

Perform 3-5 rounds taking a 2:00 recovery after each round

"This workout hits all of the primary movement patterns (hip hinge, upper pull, squat, upper push, and lunges) while engaging the trunk for stability... I always feel recharged and rejuvenated after doing this workout. "

For more information about Britton or Provision Health & Wellness check out their website  

If you have any questions about the programs listed above, a favorite workout to submit, or any suggestions on how we can improve the workout of the week, feel free to contact me at 

I hope you're enjoying the new series, I look forward to sharing more great workouts with you each week.