Workout of The Week - Week Five

This week we're focusing on two common training battles we all fight, time and travel.

As summer approaches scheduling time to train around travel becomes increasingly difficult. Vacation, business, and races all make it difficult to maintain a consistent training schedule. Hotel gyms are typically limited to an elliptical or a strange multipurpose machine that takes as much time to figure out as it does to get through one exercise. For our strength segment I've put together a workout that utilizes the tools Dr. Sprouse discussed in his Travel Gym Article. It's unlikely that you'll be able to make strides in your training on the road but what you can focus on is mitigating any loss and keeping up your routine.  It doesn't take much to get a great workout , the key is knowing your focus and preparing a little before you go. 

If you can spare the space try packing this travel gym in a bag next time you're on the road. 

- Running Shoes 

- TRX Straps  

- Furniture Sliders 

- Versa Loops 

 Travel is an even better time to focus on mobility. Long trips by plane or car leave the body stuck in a position it wasn't built for, this is where some simple hotel or rest stop mobility work can really make a difference your comfort traveling and at your upcoming event. 

- Thoracic Peanut 

- Foam Roller 

If you have a trigger point foam roller you can easily pack all of the above listed tools into the hollow center of the foam roller to keep everything organized. 

Our Endurance Workout comes from Podium team member Michael Wyrosdick. Mike Brings us a quick interval workout for when your short on time but hopefully not on

When I'm crunched for time (which is always) I love a quick interval workout on the bike.

Warm up 4 minutes high cadence low resistence Interval:

30 seconds all out 1.5 minute rest Interval

45 seconds all out 2.0 minute rest Interval

60 seconds all out 2.0 minute rest Interval

45 seconds 1.5 minute rest interval

30 Seconds all out 1.5 minute rest

10 seconds All out 50 seconds slightly lower pace

2.5 minute Cool Down high cadence low resistence


Doesn't sound like much because it's only 20 minutes but it'll kick your butt. The other is "The Gorby": 10 min. warm up then (5 x 5minutes @ 110% FTP)(with 4 minutes rest between).

Hope you've enjoyed this weeks installment. As always I'm happy to take all questions, comments, and programs below. 

- Pat 

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