Workout of The Week - Week Four

This week we're bringing you the Fourth installment of WOW. We're working on a new title page that will store each week individually making it easier to find past workouts. For now you'll have to bear with us as this section grows. 

Week four's endurance segment is a pre race running routine from Knoxville Endurance owner and coach Bobby Holcombe. Bobby has developed many great runners locally in Knoxville as well as through his online coaching program. Knoxville Endurance also offers training for swimmers, cyclists and triathletes. 

"One of my bread and butter workouts I like to do before a race."

Usually Tuesday the week of a race I like to have athletes do 2 miles warm up at true easy zone pace, come back and do about 4x75-100 meters striders to loosen the legs up. Then proceed with the workout which is 4x200 IR (interval rest) 200 meters jog, 1x1-mile around 95% effort close to max effort mile pace IR 3:00 - 4:00 then 4x200 IR 200 pace goal mile pace. 2 mile cool down.

Physical - Reason for the workout is to do a shorter aerobic capacity (AC) workout without taxing the body. 200's to work on efficiency, stretch the legs out but NOT over striding. Full recovery to allow aerobic and heart rate to return back to normal ranges. The mile, this is to get a short AC effect but not too long long of a distance. Mile seems to be perfect distance for an athlete doing 30 or more miles a week. Any less I will do more like 800 or 1000 meters. 4x200 IR 200 to cool down the legs but continue to work on turnover but in control.

Mental -- The mile seems to really help athletes gain confidence the week of the race. Usually I give this workout when an athlete is about to do a 5k-15k range race. Fast mile on Tuesday helps athletes fine tune goal 5k -15k race pace not the weekend. After the workout coach will talk about what pace will feel right for the weekend when they see how they felt on a short AC run on Tuesday.

So to sum up

- 2 up 4x200 IR 200 pace (mile race pace)

- 1x1mile IR 3:00 pace ( close to max around 95% effort)

- 4x200 IR 200 pace (mile race pace)

- 2 down

Continuing our focus on running this week, this strength workout will address a common problem area for runners, the hips. Often times weak or immobile hips can create an unbalanced gate that hurts your efficiency and can create problems in the knees, ankles, or feet. The hips have a large range of motion so it is important to strengthen and mobilize this area. Often we focus too much on one aspect of either mobility or strength/stability and we lack a balanced approach. This week's workout provides you with four simple exercises you can add into your daily routine to help strengthen and stabilize your hips.

Hip External Rotation 

- Clam Shells 2 x 10 Each Leg 

Hip Flexion 

- Supine Band March 2 x 20 total 

Hip Extension 

- Single Leg Glute Bridge 2 x 10 Each Leg 

- Bent Knee Hip Extension 2 x 10 Each Leg

Alongside our strength segment I'd like to share a short and effective "Hip Flow" I picked up from Max Shank. Max promotes the practice of a 5 Minute Flow, essentially a daily routine of moving a little, checking in with your body, and loosening up before you start the day. I think this is a great concept to work into your morning ritual. 

Thanks again for checking out our workout of the week. As always feel free to contact me with questions, comments, concerns, or workouts you would like to submit.