Workout of the Week - Winter Edition vol. 2

Last week we took a dive into The Sufferst. 

The trial week is over so I am on to the next app, Zwift

I was a little off with my price assessment last week, in leu of a free week zwift offers a free 25 km. I set everything up this morning and road for an hour thus ending the trial period. 

Heres how it went. 

Set up was a breeze. My three wahoo sensors paired with no problem. I selected my trainer from the menu and off I went. 

I chose to do a  2 x 15  min FTP interval workout. I was a little pressed for time and wanted to see what the hype was all about. 

I created my avatar and rode off into the virtual world of Zwift. 

I reflected for a moment on the fact that all these people are in a room sweating their asses off pedaling at the same time across the globe. 

Back to the ride. 

I wandered about the Zwift map aimlessly trying to get a feel for the environment. Suddenly I wound up off road before going underwater. It was a blast seeing other riders fly past me and "drafting" people moving at my speed. 


Since I have a not so smart trainer the Avatar adjusted its speed based on the course. I was still pedaling at 90 rpm in the same gear pushing the same albeit low watts however my character was moving much slower. With the use of a smart trainer the rider would self adjust wattage based on incline but this was a little frustrating on my standard magnetic trainer. 

The interface looks nice but theres a bit of a trade off. The cadence and HR are small in comparison to the lists of other zwifters. I like the read out from sufferfesrt much more as it is easer to see your cadence, heart rate and zone data. 

For my second trip into Zwiftland I used our newly acquired Tacx Neo Smart trainer. Riding in the virtual wonderland with a smart trainer created an entirely new experience. For todays ride I chose to perform a Functional Power Test. 

I was using Zwift with the Tacx connected to an Apple TV we have set up in the performance lab. The feedback from the program made the ride go by much quicker and is also unsurprisingly more accurate than the virtual power I used previously. 

One of the coolest aspects of the ride can be more attributed to the trainer however the Zwift platform worked flawlessly in its implementation. When I rode over a bridge I felt bumps as if I was on a bridge. When I rode over cobbles it felt like cobbles(I've never ridden cobbles.) This was a nice tactile mix up for the otherwise mundane smoothness of a trainer. 

For my last Zwift ride I opted to join a group ride. This is one of the most inviting features Zwift. You can race and ride with people all over the globe. 


EF Cannondale p/b Drapac hosted a group ride with some of their riders. This was a great opportunity for my first group ride. Aside from my iPad dying halfway through the ride was fun. There were roughly 200 people in the ride so the virtual peloton was about as chaotic as a 200 person group ride. 

Zwift offers workouts, group rides, races and an interactive environment. With the right trainer set up it creates a more inviting atmosphere than spinning and sweating alone. I have enjoyed my first few rides and intend to use the program for the remainder of the month. 

Its like a video game for your fitness. 

Thanks for reading