Training for the new year


2018 is quickly approaching which means new goals, new challenges and new opportunities. 

Before you set goals for the new year take a look back at 2017 and evaluate yourself. Did you reach the goals you set for 2017? Did you keep to your "resolutions" or did you fall victim to the same habits and behaviors from 2016? 

I've personally been reviewing my goals for last year and would put myself at about a 60/40 split. I finished most the races I wanted with times below my goals, I read some of the books I set out to finish, and I was able to increase my hours and responsibilities with Podium. However, there is plenty I didn't accomplish. When evaluating last year I found one common trend with my failures, I had no plan. I wrote down a bunch of ideas, set a loose strategy and went about my days knowing what I wanted to do with no idea how I was going to do it. This is where setting specific, process driven goals is key. 

Were you able to reach your goals in 2017? 

Did you maintain accountability with your resolutions? 

What can you do to improve your chances of success for the new year? 

As a fitness professional, I look forward to helping people who have decided to make a change and are ready to get to work. It is easy to overwhelm yourself in the new year, which is why it is important to work with someone who can help with accountability, realistic goal setting and creating an action plan. Learn from my mistakes and lets achieve our goals for 2018 together. 

One of my goals from last year was to find a place where I could train clients in a private atmosphere with more control over programming and packages. Podium has given me this opportunity which means it is time to celebrate. 

In celebration of the new year I am offering discounted training services alongside the standing free assessment 

Training Packages vary in size from 6 - 24 sessions

Bigger commitment = Bigger discount 

I require no contract but instead ask that you make a commitment. A commitment to yourself as well as a commitment to show up ready to work and get better during each session. Whether you're looking to loose a few pounds or are an established athlete aiming to improve weaknesses, we will create a program and strategy that fits your needs. 

This promotion will run through the end of February. However, I only have limited spots available so don't miss out. 

Contact me below and we'll set up your first free session. 

For more information about training, my background and qualifications check out our info page here.