Physiology Geek Friday

I know you all missed me last week. We've been busy! Podium had a weekend of testing and talks with the Tennessee Womens Cycling Project. Great group of women and a great panel of useful data and information from Dr. Sprouse, Lana Burl and Katie Dotson. 

On to this week's musings. 

What We're Testing Out


Movement analysis is critical to performance in all sports. This is even more magnified in endurance sports where the same repetitive motion occurs over the course of hours. The trained eye is great at spotting imbalances but technology has advanced in a way that allows analysis outside of a biomechanics lab. We have been communicating with two new technology services that dig deeper into moment analysis.


For cyclists we are testing out a technology created by the company Leomo. The Leomo Type-R consists of sensors placed on the body that can be worn out on the road for hours. The Type-R collects movement data and plots it in a variety of charts that allows the user to analyzize stroke consistency, position on the bike and creates a dead spot score. These scores are made available in real time on a slick bike computer that can also sync with other sensors like a power meter or heart rate strap. Each of the variables help the rider improve efficiency on the bike from a positional and performance standpoint.

For runners we are planning to test the DorsaVi module. The DorsaVi comes with different modules to assess running, overall athleticism and also an FMS associated module. The DorsaVI is worn on the low back and shins and collects data that the naked eye cannot see. 


Each of these technologies offer the user a deeper insight into their movement proficiency and efficiency. Two traits that are crucial to maximizing performance and optimizing injury prevention. 

What I'm Listening To 


Barbell Shrugged has been one of my favorite podcasts for the last few years. They have been able to grow from a small crossfit based podcast to a multi level platform that spans from gym management services to online programming. I always love when they have a familiar name on the show, which is every week, but this week especially caught my ear. Dr. Quinn Henoch has been one of my favorite voices in the outspoken world of rehab. He founded the Clinical Athlete and works closely with Juggernaut Training.  

Dr. Henoch comes from a background of olympic weightlifting and performance so he applies the principles of true strength alongside rehab protocols. His show with Barbell Shrugged discusses mobility work and how many of us waste time in unloaded positions. Check it out Here

What I'm Trying

I went to a swim class. I didn't make it far. I'll be going back to swim class. 

What We're Doing

This weekend Podium will be out at the Appalachian Mountain Bike Club Fall Fest. If you're close to Knoxville this festival will be full of demo bikes, food trucks, good times and of course plenty of beer from Yee-Haw Brewing. If you can't make it you can still enter to win a sweet new ride from Santa Cruz on their website. All proceeds go to the AMBC which keeps the trails in tip top shape around Knoxville.


Thanks For Reading