Workout of the Week - Week Twenty

Welcome to Week 20.

One thing we can all agree on is that it is important to have variation in your training. In order to strike a balance and avoid injury and burnout you have to diversify your program. Today, we're going to discuss the often overlooked but necessary component of any comprehensive program, Strength.

Endurance athletes are notorious for letting strength workouts slip through the cracks. Six hours on the bike, three hours pounding the pavement and 2 hours in the pool leaves little time for weight training. However, strength workouts do not have to be 2 hours of pumping iron. With the right assessment and design it is possible to maintain a consistent strength routine with only a few 30 - 45 minute sessions a week. When you spend a significant amount of time stressing your body with long endurance workouts it is important to approach strength training with a focused and well designed plan. 

1. What is your goal? 

2. Where are your deficiencies? 

3. Is this helping me? 

This is where assessment comes in. It is important to know how you move, where your imbalances are and where you want to improve. Maybe you struggle with fatigue on the bike and would like to improve your positioning and strengthening with extra posterior chain work. Or, perhaps you're a runner who has fallen victim to the dreaded tight/weak hip dilemma. All in all, when you're pressed for time it benefits you and your well being to have a focused plan of action for strength training. 

Once you have your plan in place its time to get to work. Unfortunately, too many of us try and self coach ourselves through workouts and end up causing more harm than good. In order to get the most bang for your buck compound exercises like the squat are unquestionably the best. However, they also require a lot of moving pieces to work fluidly. This is where a good strength coach comes in. Not everyone can afford a strength coach full time but there are numerous options to ensure you are performing your workouts correctly. 

Most coaches are happy to work with your time constraints and create a plan to get you moving right even if you can't train 5 days a week. Video analysis, monthly/weekly check ups and Form Check Forums all offer great opportunities to get feedback on your motions. If you live in Knoxville we offer assessment and strength coaching at Podium Sports Medicine. We also have a unique opportunity coming up on October 26th. In connection with Katie Dotson Strength & Conditioning we are hosting a strength training clinic

This clinic will cover a variety of information to help you improve your technique. 

- Proper Breathing and Bracing 

- Squat Mechanics 

- Overhead Positioning 

- Common Mistakes 

This will be a hands on clinic with myself and Katie coaching everyone through the movements as well as providing feedback. 

You can register or check out more information here