Move Better this Offseason

Find Balance this Offseason with a Functional Movement Screen  


Unbalanced movement patterns turn into strength imbalances which can lead to overuse injuries. The FMS is a simple test that address these imbalances and movement patterns across the body. 

After you have been screened we put together a simple Home Exercise Program that you can follow on a daily basis. This program will become your daily movement routine. We help you create a daily practice of activation, strengthening and stretching to fix imbalances and get you moving better. 

Normally the FMS is $150.00 but we are offering a $30.00 discount through the month of November. 

Not confident working through the program on your own? Skip the discount and we will take you through an hour long personal training session. During this session we will cover your corrective exercises, activation exercises, stretches as well as more advanced progressions.  

For more information about personal training check out our training info page here.