Physiology Geek Friday

Welcome back. 

This is our second installment of Physiology geek Friday. As always we have a lot going on at Podium. We have a strength training clinic coming up next week with myself and Katie Dotson, a great series of workshops with Lana Burl of LB Endurance and the Tennessee Womens Cycling Project is joining us for a weekend clinic of lectures and testing. Aside from all of these activities we've still found time to try out an exciting new testing protocol. 

What we're testing

Our Performance lab has been experimenting with a new testing protocol. Dr. Sprouse was first introduced to Sebastian Weber during his time as Head of Human Performance for the Cannondale Cycling team. More recently Sebastian has developed a new testing protocol that allows for deeper insight into your fitness across a variety of metrics. The program and testing protocol he has developed is called INSCYD. This protocol uses lactate values before, during and after measured bouts of exercise to determine the efficiency and power of different energy systems in the body. The data doesn't stop there. INSCYD has developed a set of algorithms that allows you to stratify your fitness level through factors beyond a VO2max. These new values offer athletes a better understanding of which energy systems are strong and which need work. The image below is a sample of how INSCYD helps you understand your fitness level. VO2max, FatMax, Body Fat, Anaerobic Threshold, Aerobic threshold and VLamax are charted to show you an overall depiction of your current fitness level. 


It has been both entertaining and enlightening testing this protocol on ourselves. As an added bonus it's always fun to make your boss burn through a 4 min 325 Watt effort. 

If all goes to plan we should be offering INSCYD testing as an option in our performance lab services sometime in the future. Check out their website to read more. 

What we're looking forward to


The offseason is upon us so its time to set goals and create a plan for next year. We're very excited to have Lana Burl hosting a classroom series at Podium discussing this very topic. Lana has experience working with athletes across all levels, as well as competing herself. There will be four opportunities for you to attend these classroom workshops. She is offering two separate courses which will cover offseason planning as well as Training Peaks secrets. This is a wonderful opportunity to set yourself up for success next year as well as learn the ins and outs of one of the most valuable training technologies available to athletes. More information on registration can be found here

What we're doing

Fall is finally here so it's time to get out and enjoy the weather. This weekend Dr. Sprouse is headed to South Carolina to ride in the Hincapie Gran Fondo. This is sure to be an excellent event with world class riders. While he is riding with pros and enjoying celebrity chef dinners, I'll be in Atlanta running through mud in my second Spartan race of the year. 

Thanks for Reading