Workout of The Week - Week Eight


Eight Weeks in and we have another awesome workout from Expert Coach and Professional Competitor Matthew Busche.  Matthew is a life long lover of endurance sports who has competed in three grand tours and has won The US National Road Championship Twice. Matthew runs Busche Endurance and is a Professional Carmichael Training Systems Coach. Check out his website for more info.

Tempo or Steady State with Accelerations:

These intervals are great to simulate the demands of a race and help the body learn to continue to work while buffering lactic acid. You have to work into them by building your tempo and/or steady state base prior to adding accelerations.

To complete one you start each piece with a 10-15sec acceleration, which is more or less an attack, then settle into your rhythm until it is time to attack again.

A typical effort might be 12-15 minutes long with an acceleration to start, one every 3rd or 4th minute, and one to finish.

Take around half the interval length as recovery time and repeat.

This week we're getting into a more advanced strength routine with compound lifts. I have included longer videos from trusted names in the strength and conditioning industry such as Mark Rippetoe. Compound movements like the squat and deadlift are widely accepted as the most efficient method to improve your athletic performance. That being said, they also require more time and effort to perfect the form and maximize your return. If you do not feel confident with these motions I encourage you to find a good coach or trainer. There is no substitute for live feedback from a coach when learning new movements. If you're working on your own, progress slowly and don't worry about weight. If you feel anything go wrong in the lift, stop, deload, and start back at square one. 

Hope you enjoy the workout. 

- Pat 



Workout of The Week - Week Seven

Welcome to week Seven. This week we've got cycling on the brain coming off the finish of the Giro and the start of The Tour De Suisse.  In the spirit of cycling season we have a no frills max effort workout from Podium Racing Team member Chris Morelock. Chris keeps this workout simple by using small 5 watt intensity bumps every 5 minutes. Let us know how far you make it by tagging us on Strava, Instagram, or Facebook with your final wattage. 

20' warmup

Beginning in low/mid z2 add 5 watts every 5 minutes.

Go until exhaustion.

Long cooldown

Starts so easy, but oh so tough to really get the most out of it. (usually done right before a recovery block)

For this weeks strength program we will focus on the underworked upper body of cyclists. Long rides can lead to a tight low back and sore shoulders or traps. While some of this can be a fit problem, general fatigue from hours in the saddle can be prevented or reduced with a few targeted strength exercises. Adding extra work by focusing on the low back as well as shoulders and mid/low trap can help increase your comfort on long rides. If your diligent with your strength program but still get a tight neck or back, consider getting a professional bike fit.  

The link below takes you to the program. Each exercise links to a video demonstration of the exercise. The sets a and reps are only a suggestion, always self modify and add sets or reps as needed. If you have any questions as always feel free to contact me at 

Workout of The Week - Week Six

Leg Breakers

This week we're bringing you a workout from Professional Cyclist Stephen Bassett. Stephen rides for Team Silber  and is a Knoxville Native.  

One of my favorite workouts to prep for a race is a tempo block followed by surges. This is a great way to simulate the efforts required in a road race, when you are already dealing with fatigue when the racing starts to get serious. I started working with Nate Wilson at Catalyst Coaching in the fall of 2015, and he had me doing these intervals pretty quickly once I picked up training after the offseason. Here's an example of some of the numbers I aim for when I do this workout:

15 minutes at 330 watts

5 x 30 seconds at 500 watts, 30 seconds easy (5 minutes total)

The key here is to make these accelerations, not full sprints. This is a mistake I made when I first started doing these. This is a workout to prepare you to make it to the finish line of your goal races. You want enough training stress to stimulate improvement, but not to smash yourself. Save that for the race! I might do a couple sets of these during a long ride, or sometimes that is just one of a several different sets of intervals. A pro tip for these kinds of very structured workouts: you can write yourself a "cheat sheet" on a small piece of paper and use clear packing tape to attach it to the stem where it's easily visible. Or, I usually try to save a screenshot of the interval instructions on my phone, in case I need to refer to it quickly.

I sometimes call these kinds of workouts "leg breakers", if you do them right you might not feel too bad during the efforts, but you will definitely feel them walking around afterwards!

Workout of The Week - Week Five

This week we're focusing on two common training battles we all fight, time and travel.

As summer approaches scheduling time to train around travel becomes increasingly difficult. Vacation, business, and races all make it difficult to maintain a consistent training schedule. Hotel gyms are typically limited to an elliptical or a strange multipurpose machine that takes as much time to figure out as it does to get through one exercise. For our strength segment I've put together a workout that utilizes the tools Dr. Sprouse discussed in his Travel Gym Article. It's unlikely that you'll be able to make strides in your training on the road but what you can focus on is mitigating any loss and keeping up your routine.  It doesn't take much to get a great workout , the key is knowing your focus and preparing a little before you go. 

If you can spare the space try packing this travel gym in a bag next time you're on the road. 

- Running Shoes 

- TRX Straps  

- Furniture Sliders 

- Versa Loops 

 Travel is an even better time to focus on mobility. Long trips by plane or car leave the body stuck in a position it wasn't built for, this is where some simple hotel or rest stop mobility work can really make a difference your comfort traveling and at your upcoming event. 

- Thoracic Peanut 

- Foam Roller 

If you have a trigger point foam roller you can easily pack all of the above listed tools into the hollow center of the foam roller to keep everything organized. 

Our Endurance Workout comes from Podium team member Michael Wyrosdick. Mike Brings us a quick interval workout for when your short on time but hopefully not on

When I'm crunched for time (which is always) I love a quick interval workout on the bike.

Warm up 4 minutes high cadence low resistence Interval:

30 seconds all out 1.5 minute rest Interval

45 seconds all out 2.0 minute rest Interval

60 seconds all out 2.0 minute rest Interval

45 seconds 1.5 minute rest interval

30 Seconds all out 1.5 minute rest

10 seconds All out 50 seconds slightly lower pace

2.5 minute Cool Down high cadence low resistence


Doesn't sound like much because it's only 20 minutes but it'll kick your butt. The other is "The Gorby": 10 min. warm up then (5 x 5minutes @ 110% FTP)(with 4 minutes rest between).

Hope you've enjoyed this weeks installment. As always I'm happy to take all questions, comments, and programs below. 

- Pat 

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Workout of The Week - Week Four

This week we're bringing you the Fourth installment of WOW. We're working on a new title page that will store each week individually making it easier to find past workouts. For now you'll have to bear with us as this section grows. 

Week four's endurance segment is a pre race running routine from Knoxville Endurance owner and coach Bobby Holcombe. Bobby has developed many great runners locally in Knoxville as well as through his online coaching program. Knoxville Endurance also offers training for swimmers, cyclists and triathletes. 

"One of my bread and butter workouts I like to do before a race."

Usually Tuesday the week of a race I like to have athletes do 2 miles warm up at true easy zone pace, come back and do about 4x75-100 meters striders to loosen the legs up. Then proceed with the workout which is 4x200 IR (interval rest) 200 meters jog, 1x1-mile around 95% effort close to max effort mile pace IR 3:00 - 4:00 then 4x200 IR 200 pace goal mile pace. 2 mile cool down.

Physical - Reason for the workout is to do a shorter aerobic capacity (AC) workout without taxing the body. 200's to work on efficiency, stretch the legs out but NOT over striding. Full recovery to allow aerobic and heart rate to return back to normal ranges. The mile, this is to get a short AC effect but not too long long of a distance. Mile seems to be perfect distance for an athlete doing 30 or more miles a week. Any less I will do more like 800 or 1000 meters. 4x200 IR 200 to cool down the legs but continue to work on turnover but in control.

Mental -- The mile seems to really help athletes gain confidence the week of the race. Usually I give this workout when an athlete is about to do a 5k-15k range race. Fast mile on Tuesday helps athletes fine tune goal 5k -15k race pace not the weekend. After the workout coach will talk about what pace will feel right for the weekend when they see how they felt on a short AC run on Tuesday.

So to sum up

- 2 up 4x200 IR 200 pace (mile race pace)

- 1x1mile IR 3:00 pace ( close to max around 95% effort)

- 4x200 IR 200 pace (mile race pace)

- 2 down

Continuing our focus on running this week, this strength workout will address a common problem area for runners, the hips. Often times weak or immobile hips can create an unbalanced gate that hurts your efficiency and can create problems in the knees, ankles, or feet. The hips have a large range of motion so it is important to strengthen and mobilize this area. Often we focus too much on one aspect of either mobility or strength/stability and we lack a balanced approach. This week's workout provides you with four simple exercises you can add into your daily routine to help strengthen and stabilize your hips.

Hip External Rotation 

- Clam Shells 2 x 10 Each Leg 

Hip Flexion 

- Supine Band March 2 x 20 total 

Hip Extension 

- Single Leg Glute Bridge 2 x 10 Each Leg 

- Bent Knee Hip Extension 2 x 10 Each Leg

Alongside our strength segment I'd like to share a short and effective "Hip Flow" I picked up from Max Shank. Max promotes the practice of a 5 Minute Flow, essentially a daily routine of moving a little, checking in with your body, and loosening up before you start the day. I think this is a great concept to work into your morning ritual. 

Thanks again for checking out our workout of the week. As always feel free to contact me with questions, comments, concerns, or workouts you would like to submit. 


Workout of The Week - Week Three

Welcome to our third week of Workouts. This week's routines come from Pro Cyclist Alex Howes and Professional Cycling coach Colby Pierce. Alex offers a unique endurance workout complete with suggested post ride refreshments. Alex's Coach (and former holder of the US Hour Record) Colby Pierce brings us his " Core Routine of Death, Destruction and Victory." Don't let his title scare you, the workout will only hurt a little...

Core Routine of Death, Destruction and Victory

These exercises are engineered to help you stabilize your core during intense exercise. This allows more effective use of the force your limbs can produce.

1. Stir the Pot.

This is a plank exercise done on a balance ball. Put your elbows on the ball, your feet on the floor (on your toes) and keep a straight, stiff spine while you roll the ball in circles which are about 12 inches in diameter. Squeeze your butt to stabilize your torso. As you get stronger, make the circles bigger. Start with feet about shoulder's width apart. 10 one direction and 10 the other. For added challenge, bring your feet closer together. Don't let you spine sag towards the floor and don't shrug your shoulders towards your ears, keep them low and wide apart.

2. Side plank - Left

10 slow breaths. Squeeze your butt to keep your spine from sagging and don't shrug your shoulders (especially the one under you). For added challenge, add 2-5 breaths and lift your top leg off of your bottom one so your feet are about 30cm apart.

3. Superman

Start on your belly, arms overhead, lift legs and arms off floor, but only about 10-18cm. The objective is not to lift everything "up" but to make everything "long" - make the distance between your fingertips and toes as long as possible with a slight upward arc in between. Avoid compression of the lower vertebrae by arching the back too much. Hold this for 5 -10 slow breaths. It will be hard to belly breathe in this position so you will have to breathe "with a strong outer stomach"

4. Side plank Right

10 slow breaths.

5. Heel touches

Using a 4 foot foam roller, lay down so the roller is along your spine. Bring your knees up so your thighs are vertical and your shins are horizontal. Pre load your abs by contracting them so that your spine is flat against the roller, to eliminate the gap which would normally occur between your lumbar spine and the roller. Then lower one leg at a time, slowly, while keeping your lower back flat against the roller. Alternate L and R legs for a set of 50. If you make it to 50 easily, you are probably not being disciplined about keeping your back flat - don't allow any gap! During the reps, your abs are contracted the entire time.

6. Single legged balance

Begin on dyna disk (or just bare foot if you don't have one) for 30 seconds on one leg. then reach down with opposite hand (L hand if you are standing on R leg) and touch the floor with your finger tips about 12 inches in front of your foot. bend mostly at the waist. Slowly come back up to standing. repeat 10 x. then switch legs. By the end all the little stabilizers near your ankle should be burning. To add challenge, do this with your weight on the ball of your foot, keeping your heel about 1cm off the ground. Do not let the knee collapse inward (towards your centerline) when you are bending at the hip.

7. Fitball crunches 

Roll out on it into a plank position (facing down) and do a set of 30 reps of knee to chest. Starting in plank position, bring your knees up to your chest, then return to plank. 10 on center, 10 with knees to L side, 10 to R.

This is one routine of 7 exercises. Start with one set and as you get better, add more sets. Don't add more breaths or reps to each exercise when you get stronger, instead do the whole routine again. For these types of exercises it is better to add more sets rather than one longer continuous set. Each time you do these, concentrate on your form and the intent of the exercise. Don't get sloppy or cheat!

For more info check out Colby's Website 

Professional cyclist Alex Howes offers a fun and unorthodox style workout with a little comedic relief. 

Full Tilt for Tacos 

"My favorite workout is a 3hr ride (road or MTB) with lots of climbing. Nothing too structured just lots of climbing so I can enjoy lots of descending. Then, after 3hrs I’ll roll over to the bike park and rip the summer short track race series. 20min FULL GAS! A few laps to cool down then the whole crew rolls out to grab some tacos and a beer. Best workout ever. Just don’t crash in the short track race. Tacos are best enjoyed with all your skin." - Alex Howes 

- 3 Hour ride with heavy climbing 

- 20 Minute Race-Pace, High-Intensity Effort

- Tacos and Beer!  (Essential for optimizing post-workout physiologic signaling.)

Follow Alex on instagram at @alex_howes

Follow Alex on instagram at @alex_howes







Workout of The Week - Week Two

Welcome Back!

This week we're offering two workouts, one cycling and one strength. 

Our cycling workout comes from Podium Racing p/b Visit Knoxville team member Ashley Powell. Ashley's routine combines cycling intervals with plyometric and isometric leg work. This short routine is a nice mix up for those of you accustomed to being glued to the saddle for a long spin. 


Here is one of my favorite workouts:

-Easy spin for 10 minutes

-5 minutes @70 rpm, 3 minutes easy, 5 minutes @70rpm again.

-off the bike 20 squat hops, 20 second wall sit, 15 squat hops, 30 second wall sit.

Repeat main set 3x through total

For this weeks strength workout we've asked Britton Leitch of Provision Health & Fitness to share one of his favorites. Britton's routine combines Kettlebells, TRX, and the beloved rower. This routine is simple yet effective and works the entire body.  

Kettlebell Swing x 10-15

TRX Double Arm Row x 10-15

Kettlebell Goblet Squat x 10-15

TRX Push-Up x 10-15

Kettlebell Turkish Get-Up x 5/5 (5 each Side) 

1,000 Meter Sprint on the Rower

Perform 3-5 rounds taking a 2:00 recovery after each round

"This workout hits all of the primary movement patterns (hip hinge, upper pull, squat, upper push, and lunges) while engaging the trunk for stability... I always feel recharged and rejuvenated after doing this workout. "

For more information about Britton or Provision Health & Wellness check out their website  

If you have any questions about the programs listed above, a favorite workout to submit, or any suggestions on how we can improve the workout of the week, feel free to contact me at 

I hope you're enjoying the new series, I look forward to sharing more great workouts with you each week. 


Workout Of The Week

Welcome to "WOW" 

Each week we will be posting a new "Workout of the Week." We will cover a wide variety of workouts including strength training, endurance, interval workouts, tempo runs and everything beyond and in-between. We hope to create a resource for athletes of any level or sport by providing diverse and valuable content.

Each workout will be unique and focus on a different goal or competition. We will also have different athletes and Podium Racing team members submit their favorite workouts so you can get a glimpse into what it takes to be the best. 

For this week, I've put together a simple full body workout that requires no equipment and can be done in a small space. Athletes often feel overwhelmed with strength training and think you need a 10,000 square foot facility full of equipment. While a facility like this is valuable, it is not necessary to improve your performance and keep your body running, swimming or spinning smoothly. 

Each of these exercises can be scaled up or down by adding weight or support depending on your fitness level. Each exercise title links to a video describing the exercise. If you have any specific questions about anything on the program feel free to contact me at