Patient Testimonials


Alex Howes, professional cyclist

"I find the guidance provided by Dr. Sprouse to be second to none. Having practical, sound medical advice available at all times has allowed me to learn more about how my body functions and what it requires to help it perform at its peak. Dr. Sprouse has kept me healthy, in one piece, and happy, all the way from the trenches of Uruguay, through the jungles of Malaysia, and all the way to the Tour de France."


Matt Elliott, professional runner

"Having an elite support system is critical to any athlete striving to be competitive on the national and world stage. A sports physician is the catalyst that molds a winning team for any athlete--as their present and future performances depend largely on the knowledge and care they receive from these vital team members."


Jacob Rathe, professional cyclist

"I've been cycling competitively most of my life and have experienced more ailments than I can remember. Recovering from crashes and illnesses is a constant battle due to the demanding nature of this sport. Immediate and dependable medical care has always gotten me back up to speed. I’ve learned the importance of this the hard way, having suffered through issues that linger if not dealt with immediately. Kevin has never let me down with fast and reliable care, no matter where in the world I am!”