Kimberly Hicks

Ironman 70.3 Chattanooga


I am stunned and excited to report that I completed my Chattanooga 70.3 on Sunday.  It was a major feat for me as I hadn’t been racing in 2 1/2 years, had a few injuries over the last 2 months and a bike wreck 6 weeks ago causing me to stop running for a month total during training. And lastly, I had Bronchitis the week before the race and really thought I wouldn’t be able to do it.  2 days before the race, my lungs began to clear and  I decided to give it a try.

Chattanooga is an absolutely fantastic race though it is far from easy.  I loved having the Podium team cheerleaders : Rene Black, Mike Wyrosdick there for moral support. And another perk was a  photo op with the winner Heather Jackson! 

The swim is perfect with a self seeded rolling start so able to avoid the dreaded swim trampling.  I kept a steady pace and felt confident the entire swim. The current was turned off so we had little to no assistance there and the course was a tad short at 1900 meters.  However, my average swim pace 1:31/100 is by far faster than any previous IM race with an overall swim time of 29:27.

Next up, the bike!  It was a beautiful rolling course with quite a few steep tough hills.  My new Trek Speed concept with a bike fit by Dr. Kevin Sprouse didn’t disappoint.  I was able to maintain a 21mph average with an overall time of 2:40:20.  I felt strong and well prepared for the course and enjoyed powering past as many ladies as possible.  My overall bike was the 4th fastest in my age group.

The run was my nemesis!  I had the potential to place in the top 4 if I could just hang on to my normal training pace.  I began strong with 8:19-8:30 pace the first 3 miles but then sadly the gut attack began.  4 porta-potty stops, lots and lots of heat and humidity at 88 degrees caused a dramatic slowing.  Next came the hills too.  I have confidence that with more run training and no porta-potty stops, I can tough through a run like this in the future.  However, this Sunday, I sadly got one of my slowest half IM splits with a 2:06:07 @ 9:38 min/mile average.  

The end result however was a 6th overall place in my age group, a 5:23:42 my new Personal Record by 12 minutes!! It was so fun to once again be racing with my Hubby.  I am so pumped to race more this season and am grateful for the Podium team support, Dr. Sprouse’s expertise to help guide the way, and my personal coach, Matt Dixon from Purple Patch Fitness. 

2018 Here we come!