Kimberly Hicks - Hammer Sprint

Back into the Tri Life and loving it!  My first Tri since October 2015!  My absolute favorite part was seeing all my old friends.  I had so much fun and was filled with excitement before the race ever started.  These Co-exercise addicts are just a fun bunch of folks.  Now, onto the race results.  

I was delighted to earn 3rd overall female in the Sprint Triathlon, however It was far from my best performance.  Why??  Because the Swim was an outrageous mass start with men and women in one heat.  In addition to that, the first turn buoy was less than 100 yards away (actually I think it was only 50 yards from the start).  The end results was a mass of people turning around the same buoy at approximately the same time!!  I sadly was in a direct line with the buoy so was unable to swing out wide to avoid the crowd.  I started strong and fast, empowered by my new found swim strength, I was ready to show the Tri world my new found love of swimming.  However, so did every male in the sprint race.  I was quickly hit, kicked and run over by all the huge men!!!  I was so flustered, mad and frankly felt like I would drown so I raised my hand and was rescued by a Kayak.  I then proceeded to wait until the entire mass of swimmers passed then began again.  After another 100 yards, my wet suit felt like a tourniquet around my neck so AGAIN,  I waved down a kayak and hung on while they unzipped my wetsuit which then basically became a DRAG SUIT!  

LOL- what a crazy beginning of a race.  But, I put on my big girl attitude, threw on my helmet and hopped on my new Tri bike and rode like the wind.  My goal was to pass every girl in that darn race.  Boy was I determined. I  Almost succeeded in passing everyone except the top 4 girls.

Next came the run, I saw the leaders as I biked into transition and knew my chances of winning were slim to none.  I started out with great speed but quickly settled into a more manageable pace.  I was able to pass the 3rd place female at about mile 1.5 but the top 2 girls just had too much of a lead.


My conclusion- I learned that I need to learn the swim waves prior to 50 seconds before race start, then strategically place myself so that I won’t be cornered against the buoy and overtaken by masses of assertive swimmers.  I still have to say that I loved the experience as a whole and am so pumped to do my first 70.3 in 2 years on May 20!!  Chattanooga, here we come.  

Kimberly Hicks