Wallowing in the Hollow

Jeff Snyder -  Dark Hollow Wallow March 11, 2018

I don’t get to run many KTC races typically due to conflicts with other races, this one happened to fit perfectly for me. My plans had always been to start the race year off with the Fall Creek Falls 50k but those plans were put on hold when my oldest daughter got the lead part in a local play. Her last show was the 11th so I started looking for a replacement race. I selected the Dark Hollow Wallow at Big Ridge State Park. This allowed me to get a race in and not miss her last show. As an added bonus, I had never run any trails in this park. 


Afternoon race starts are few and far between so this allowed me a somewhat normal morning and a chance to gauge the weather. It had been raining and the start of the race was overcast with a slight breeze. I was overdressed from the start. I quickly made the decision to hand my wind breaker off to the wonderful Stacy Ward before the start. I was so glad I did because only a couple miles in I was looking to shed my shirt and had already stashed my gloves. My shirt did eventually come off around mile 7 after I cleared the largest hill climb. 

I never start races up front but I wish I would have for this one. As the race turned uphill after only a half mile it became a game of weaving in and out of racers who weren’t adept at letting others pass. I got going after a couple miles in and the spacing opened up. The course was slick in spots, the hill everyone talked about wasn’t bad (I didn’t stop nor did I slip going up). I was clean as a whistle for 10.75 miles with only briar scratches on my legs from early season growth. Only 150 yards from the finish line, I bit it. A slick spot of mud found me and down I went, hard. My goal of a sub 2:00 hour finish was approaching so I bounced up like Tigger and took off. 

My two pictures prove a clean race until the end. The first one is coming down the backside of the hill and the second is less than 100 yards from the finish line.


It was a nice productive early season trail race.

Overall Finish 19th out of 72.

Male Masters 2nd place.

Time was 1:50:30