Katie Dotson - Springbrook Sprint

Springbrook Spring 


Sometimes the words flow easily for these race reports and other times I start a bunch of different versions only to delete them. This has been one of the latter.

Springbrook was tough. I had my eyes set high; however, I chose to take to heart  a wise reminder from my coach to focus on behaviors rather than outcomes and podium positions. Wise words.

So I did that, hill repeats, bike efforts, swim segments, lifting, rest days, good nutrition, recovery workouts and sleep... All balanced with a full time job, family, my own coaching clients.

Springbrook pushed me mentally and physically. I had a good swim, pushing hard. l came into transition determined and again pushing hard (the pictures reflect that). Got onto my bike and y'all those first hills of Springbrook just hurt! I had to talk myself through them.  I kept pushing on the middle section of rollers.  The false flat after the railroad tracks... another "settle down" pep talk was needed

I came into transition feeling good and was ready to hang on during the run.  Mentally that is.  Then the run started, and again with the hills!  I fought off two calf cramps in the first quarter mile.  But, I learned a few years ago that walking during the first mile is not an option for me, so I kept on. That first rest stop was a welcome reprieve and from there I was able to pick things up (a bit), find a good rhythm and finish out the run relatively strong.  Third female overall!

They aren't all easy, but each race has a purpose, a lesson to teach us.  Springbrook for me was a lesson in pre-race daily behaviors and during race mental toughness.  

Thanks to all those who cheered us along that day. We hear you, I promise! Even when we are deep in the pain cave, those words of encouragement are a sweet salve to our ears and hearts and cramping legs!