Ashley Powell - Springbrook Sprint Triathlon Race Report

The day had finally come and it is time to progressively make my way back into the racing scene. After what seems to have been a long six weeks of healing a fractured foot, I was able to carefully race Springbrook Sprint Triathlon. Reuniting with friends and teammates made the long wait to race all worthwhile, and it was awesome to watch how everyone’s hard work and dedication to their training has been paying off throughout their racing seasons.  My will to enter this race started with swimming an Olympic distance relay at the Music City Triathlon the week before; after a good swim and a nice shuffle in my walking boot to transition one, I stubbornly believed I was ready to ease back into a sprint triathlon.  With Dr. Sprouse’s approval, I thought I would be ready to race Springbrook Sprint the next weekend to some degree. Approved to race with extra caution, I entered the triathlon at the last minute, completed it, and finished 2nd on the podium with some great friends standing by my side.  I could not be more excited to be back racing, even if it is a progressive reentry. Life with a fracture in my foot has only made me mentally stronger and more motivated. The 2017 race season may be far from what I would have considered ideal, but I will be working hard to be race ready for the World Championships in September.  A big thank you to Dr. Sprouse, everyone who continues to support me, and all team sponsors; I wouldn’t be boot “free” and preparing to be race ready without you all!