Katie Dotson - Westside Y


Westside Y is a favorite.  It's the first triathlon I ever did.  So I'm always excited to come back and see how things compare.   


I was able to get in a good bike and run warm up. I headed up to the pool for warm up only to discover I dropped one of my ear plugs.  So, I quickly sprinted down to transition to get a new one.  I'm glad I had the time!  They make swimming much more comfortable for me.  I picked a good start spot and was off.


Swim - After working on my stroke this past week, the swim felt strong and powerful.  No traffic issues.


Bike - The bike is always tough, and I knew I had to hammer hard.  On the second loop, I had to find a tiny gap between a cop and a car both in the middle of the road... yeah that was scary!  Hustled into transition and was off.


Run - I didn't seem to have it on the run.  I felt like I was running on my heels, fought a little calf cramping issue, and tried to do mental self-coaching.  It seemed to work a little, and I was able to finish a bit better than I started.


My hard work earned me 3rd overall!  I enjoyed sharing the overall platform with some hard working ladies - Melinda and fellow teammate, Karen!  


Up next, Springbrook