Katie Dotson - "Adding Up the Yes's" at Foothills Sprint Tri

Foothills Sprint Tri was a race where I felt like my YES’s started to add up.  Bear with me while I explain what I mean.

Listening to my body -  These last two months something was a little different - I felt run down, wasn't sleeping as well, and generally felt off.  So, I pulled a few workouts, took a few easy, and scheduled a visit with Podium's own Dr. Sprouse.  Sure enough, a few things were off.  Recognizing things early is key!  The adjustments will take a little while before I feel “right” again, but the process has started. 

I chose to say YES to getting help, YES to prioritizing good sleep, and YES to skipping a workout or two, and it all added up! 

Specific to Foothills, I listened well to my body cues – race morning I felt good, strong and powerful.  So, I pushed hard on the bike, and was able to continue the push throughout the run!  I was super pleased to lay down one of my better bike splits and average paces! 

Nutrition – Late in the fall last year, I started tracking down some GI related issues.  Finally discovering some sensitivities and saying YES to food that nourishes my body rather can cause inflammation has helped a bunch!  

So, for Foothills, I dialed in my nutrition (upping it from B+ to A-ish level) to avoid any unwanted GI trouble the week leading up to the race.  The morning of the race, I chose a quality breakfast full of good proteins, carbs and fats, followed by a 1/2 banana prior to race start.  During the race, I took in electrolytes and branch chain amino acids on the bike... and ta-da!  No belly whamp, GI distress, and good energy throughout.  

Training - My coach has me doing some tough run workouts!  I've been challenging myself to do them to the best I'm able - trusting the process, saying YES.  Sometimes that means doing them with a group and sometimes doing them in the wee hours of the morning by myself.  Yall… spending a good chunk of time in Zone 3 and 4… HURTS!!  

For Foothills, those tough workouts paid off!  Even after an aggressive bike strategy, I was able to follow it up with a solid run.

I still have plenty of areas in my life where I need to say YES a bit more – more time with Jesus, more quality time with loved ones (they are still the most important anyways!), earlier to bed, transition practice, and discovering bike power.  However, the YES's that I've already chosen to make have added up pretty well.  

At Foothills, my YES’s turned into … First place age group finish, 7th overall female, quality bike split (for me), and a solid run! 

Here’s to more training days and races where the YES’s pay off!

Shout-out to THE FEED for carrying the bulk of the nutrition that my husband and I use during training and racing!  Peanut Butter RxBars, Coconut Barnana Bites, and Banana Beet with Ginger Clif Organic Energy food pouches for me, and Orange Skratch Labs Fruit Drops, Lemon Lime Skratch Labs Hydration Mix and Beef Epic Provisions Bites for him!