Derek Tingle - Foothills Sprint Tri

I usually do not do pool sprints.  I don't really like them.  I don't like them for the same reason that I don't really like 5k's, they hurt.  The swim isn't long enough for me to really take any advantage out and with a time trial start it's impossible to really know how much you can "safely" pace so it's just a go, go, go situation and hope for the best.  All that being said, I showed up Monday morning for the Foothills Sprint just the same.  Xterra Knoxville was looming a week away and I was just racing for fun and to support the team.  

There really aren't too many details to go over in a race this short but we started with a 150yd swim.  It was a time trial start so I lined up somewhere near the front.  I got passed in the pool by the young lady that started behind me.  I don't really feel too bad about being passed by a 10 year old, though.  I knew I could get it back on the bike.

T1 went smoothly and I mounted the bike and rolled out.  A couple turns and I hit the long out and back stretch of Hotchkiss Valley Road.  I've ridden this road a lot.  It's a great road with a couple of long rollers and some really great opportunities for a strong ride to put you in a great position for the run.  I started out way to hard on the bike and I knew it.  After playing some back and forth and trading witty banter with my buddy Alix I backed off to try and save some for the run.   

I rolled back into T2, executing a flawless flying dismount and looking SO PRO. I then almost ran out of T2 the wrong way because I wasn't paying attention before the race.  Goes to show, no matter how pro you look, you still have to know which direction to run out of transition.

Run course was nice, shady greenway which was really nice as it was starting to warm up a bit.  I had a good run.  I was pushing hard but I knew I was fighting for a podium spot after a solid bike.  At the turn I could see a couple guys gaining on me.  One of them was in a Zen Evo kit.  I tried to stay ahead of him but eventually he caught and passed me about .5 mile from the finish.  I saw he wasn't in my age group so I didn't give chase.  I crossed the finishin 54:54 taking another age group win and just cracking the top 5 overall at 5th place.  

I can't really complain too much about the day at all.  It was a fun race with some great people.  Podium Racing came up big with podium finishes all around.  As always, the best part of the day was seeing and hanging out with all of my teammates and friends!