Renee Black - LOTS Triathlon

(We'll call this a #tbt report!  Renee got it to us awhile back, but we were delinquent in posting it.  This is good stuff though, and congrats to Renee on a great race!)

Those that have raced Lakeside before know that it’s kind of like swimming, biking and running on the surface of the sun. However, this year the race was moved from mid-August to a cooler and cloudy early May.  I have done the Lakeside Olympic course on two other occasions but this would be my first go at the sprint. Once again my sweet mom showed up to lend her support and be a pre-race holder of all the things.

After breaking out in a full sweat wrestling with the bear known as the full sleeve wet suit I made my way to the water. My original intention for signing up for this race was to get more open water practice. And oh boy did I. I went out entirely too hard for the first 150 or so and found myself nice and tuckered out for the remaining 800 yards. Yet another swim lesson learned. Don’t go out like you are being chased by a shark.

The first five miles of the bike were great! Where are all these hills people were… oh wait… never mind. Still I managed a strong bike and came into T2 with the mindset of running comfortably to the finish. I took the first mile at a manageable pace knowing I had a pretty significant climb coming out of the neighborhood. A little over a mile in I saw Melinda Spiva gliding along like a gazelle. As I crested the hill to the turnaround point I saw fellow teammate Katie Dotson coming down the hill looking fresh as a daisy. It was then I realized I was in third. Wait? Seriously?!? In my five year triathlon career I have managed two overall podium finishes so this is not a position I am accustom to. As I am coming down the hill from the turnaround I see Marsha Morton flying up the hill with a determined look to catch me. At this point I decided that I needed to find another gear and give it a go. I crested the last hill in the neighborhood, looked over my shoulder and saw no one in sight. I cruised to the finish as the third overall female!

I have already read several race reports and social media posts this week about our awesome triathlon community. Our fellow racers, friends and family are consistent in their support, encouragement and generalized awesomeness. I witness folks building each other up and celebrating successes. I type all this to say that my finish last Saturday would not have happened without this triathlon community and my uber- supportive husband, mom, friends, coach and Podium team. To stand on a podium alongside women that I admire for their kindness, courage, and athletic abilities was an absolute surreal moment for me and one that will not be forgotten.

A big thank you to all our sponsors for their support! Next up Foothills Sprint!