Doug Slater - CHKM Race Report

2017 CHKM Race Report


23rd overall

3:12:54 - 2 minute PR!



The Golden Rule of Racing is:  "Never do something in a race you have not practiced in training." [1]

Because of today's success, I'm reinterpreting the rule:  "Think carefully before doing something in a race you have not practiced in training."


I did few new things this race:


1. I had never run in a sleeveless shirt

2. I had never raced without a hydration pack

3. I had never raced faster than my long runs


I was eager to try out the sleek new Castelli top and represent Podium. Yet I feared lack of sleeves and my pack would chafe my shoulders. I gingerly decided to ditch my pack and depend on the course for water. This worked out marvelously. Without 5-6lbs and the heat insulation on my back, I felt light and fast. Water support was stellar. I only declined a water station once, because they were like 800m apart!

Pulled mid 6 min/mi to low 7's. I had planned on 7:26. The faster pace was risky, but I felt great and was cutting up with the spectators. The Wall came at 19.5. I held pace against hills and wind until mile 23, then dropped to low to mid 8's. The early advances compensated for the loss. The burn felt awful, but it always does, right?

I appreciated the friendly, helpful course volunteers and enthusiastic spectators. Overall 9/10 race.

[1] Jonathan Savage, "The Golden Rule of Racing."