Spartan Charlotte - Katie Dotson's Race Report

I wanted to start the race season off in a fun way, so I chose a Spartan Race and it did not disappoint.  Spartan combines trail running and obstacles (and mud... lots of mud) to test your mental and physical strength.  Any obstacle you fail, you have to pay the price by performing 30 burpees.  So my goal was to finish this race with 1 or less failed obstacles and to HAVE FUN.

We had a beautiful day to race, upper fifties, slight breeze and sunshine.  The race started out with some rut filled terrain and slowly degraded into a very minimally worn / narrow trail throughout the remainder of the race.  I traversed multiple 4-8 foot vertical walls, cargo nets, gravel bucket carry, sand bag carry, 200 yard army crawl through thick mud, just to name a few!

These are a few of my favorite obstacles I encountered:

  • 25 foot rope climb - Usually the rope climb is very doable for me; however, this time, the rope was super muddy about 6 feet up, so I had to fight tooth and nail to climb the first part of the rope, then after that it was much easier sailing.  Success!
  • Olympus Wall - This is a new obstacle and super tough! My knees paid the price for successfully making it across the Olympus!! Arroooo!
  • Spear Throw - I've practice this obstacle many times, but I made a mistake and set up just to the left and despite good form, good height and power, my spear just missed the bail of hay by inches... so I paid the price with 30 burpees before continuing to the next obstacle.

All in all, it was a great race - ran 5 miles of trails (and streams and mud) and only failed 2 obstacles - spear throw and monkey bars - so I paid my 60 burpees and finished with a total time 1:44:24, good enough for 24th in my age group!  I really enjoy seeing my trail running and time in the gym lifting heavy weights come together in a fun functional way!  

Up next, Ragnar Trail Atlanta!  Then, triathlon season!

Thank you Podium Sports Medicine, Yee-Haw Brewing Company, Harper Volkswagen, The Feed, Provision Physical Therapy, and Visit Knoxville!