At Podium Sports Medicine, we offer highly specialized, comprehensive care for athletes... and if you're active, we consider you an athlete! There are multiple ways that you can avail yourself of the world class care at Podium, and we have a plan to meet every need and budget. Whether you choose to make a one-time appointment to discuss an injury or concern, or if you prefer to enroll in an ongoing Concierge Care & Clinical Coaching program, you will receive cutting-edge, personalized care.

  • In order to expedite your initial visit, you may download your intake paperwork here, complete it, and bring it to your appointment.
  • To learn more about payment and the use of your health insurance at Podium Sports Medicine, click here.

If you can't decide which services are best for you, we can help!  We offer FREE 15-minute consultations with Dr. Sprouse to address this question.  Also, we've put together some general recommendations which can guide you based on your sport, concern, or level of interest.  Check our our Sport Packages to see these recommendations.


Performance Lab

Podium Sports Medicine is proud to provide unique biomechanical and physiologic services through our state-of-the-art Performance Lab. These services may be utilized individually for performance assessment, or as part of a diagnostic and treatment plan for injured patients. To take advantage of any of these services through Podium Sports Medicine, you must be an established patient of the practice. This simply means that, at a minimum, you must have a brief medical visit with our physician prior to testing.


Sports Medicine and Wellness

Our care focuses on both the treatment of injury or illness, as well as prevention. A healthy athlete is one that performs well.  Whether you've broken a bone, suffer from tendinitis, have a question about nutrition, or just want to know how to improve your health and performance, Podium Sports Medicine can help.


Concierge Care & Clinical Coaching

Recognizing that Podium Sports Medicine is uniquely positioned to help athletes with expert advice, we have established the Concierge Care & Clinical Coaching Program for both serious and novice athletes determined to succeed in endurance sports while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.