Recovery Suite

Podium Sports Medicine offers Knoxville's athletes a place to recover and adapt to workouts, allowing them to train harder day after day. We provide the tools you need to excel and reap the benefits of your hard work.  Anyone can stop by and take advantage of our Recovery Suite during regular business hours. Plan to end your workout at Podium Sports Medicine.

When you fall in love with our NormaTec and Marc Pro, we have special discount codes we can share with our patients so they can purchase their own unit for less. Ask us for your code next time you're at Podium Sports Medicine.

NormaTec Recovery System

Used by elite athletes around the world, NormaTec uses compressed air to massage your limbs, mobilize fluid, and speed recovery. We offer a facility where you can stop in after your workout and use this technology to ensure you are ready for tomorrow's task.

Marc Pro Plus

Marc Pro Plus is a device that is in the "toolbox" of many professional athletes around the world. Providing electrical stimulation, Marc Pro Plus helps you recover faster, recover fully, maximize training results, prevent injury, improve your conditioning, and decrease pain.

foam roller.jpg

Foam Rolling and Myofascial Treatments

In addition to the high-tech devices from NormaTec and Marc Pro Plus, our Recovery Suite is stocked with various foam rollers and myofascial release tools. These are complementary for our patients to use at any time during our normal business hours.