Prolotherapy is a series of injection treatments for injuries that are causing pain or limiting your athletic performance.  It has the ability to directly address the cause of pain, stimulating a weakened site to produce new fibrous tissues. This results in improved stabilization of the joint and better function of the soft tissue around it.

 It was first used in the 1930’s as a non-surgical alternative to muscle, tendon, and ligament injury.  Since that time it has been heavily studied and is now recognized as a safe and effective method of injections to stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal itself.   It can be used for both new and old injuries in just about every part of the body. 

 Prolotherapy can get you and your body back to exercising and feeling better in just a few weeks. Most patients typically require 1-3 injections.  

    Dr. Montgomery has studied and been trained in prolotherapy by the AAOM, one of the world's foremost authorities on prolotherapy and regenerative medicine.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it painful?   Most people experience pain during the injections and for a short period afterward.

Do we offer PRP?    Not at this time.

Is there a visit charge for each treatment session?   No.  Patients are only charged for an office visit at their initial presentation.  Afterward, the only charge is for the procedure itself.  

How long until I see results?   Some people see results almost immediately, while others take days or weeks to see results.