"My goal is to help clients increase their movement integrity and work capacity. Without a strong and balanced foundation overuse injuries are destined to impede your progress. By focusing on core strength and bilateral stability I create resilient athletes that are able to manage life and training stresses through proper programming and program implementation."  

Trainer - Patrick Morris

Patrick started with Podium Sports Medicine as our Performance Lab Technician at Provision Health & Wellness. He has continued to work in the performance lab and is excited to expand his role with Podium by offering personal training services in the morning and afternoon. 

Patrick graduated from the University of Tennessee with a double major in Kinesiology and Psychology. He is an ACSM Certified personal trainer with FMS level 1 and FMT Basic and Performance credentials. He has trained a wide variety of clients in commercial gyms as well as private studios over the past three years. Patrick has focused his continuing education on corrective exercise and functional training. When he's not working Patrick enjoys running, cycling, lifting, and playing the drums. Keep an eye out for him in Knoxville's Urban Wilderness. 





Our facility is equipped to handle the needs of most athletes. Fancy machines and 10,000 sq. ft. gyms are not necessary to improve overall fitness and functionality. We prescribe detailed and focused programs based on each clients needs. TRX straps, kettlebells, dumbbells and bands give us more than enough to work with depending on your goals.  


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