Performance Lab

Podium Sports Medicine is proud to provide unique biomechanical and physiologic services through our state-of-the-art Performance Lab. These services may be utilized individually for performance assessment, or as part of a diagnostic and treatment plan for injured patients. To take advantage of any of these services through Podium Sports Medicine, you must be an established patient of the practice. This simply means that, at a minimum, you must have a brief medical visit with our physician prior to testing.

Patients may download pre-test instructions for Bike Fit / Gait Analysis or for VO2 / Lactate Testing at these links.


Bike Fitting

Bike Fits at Podium Sports Medicine are a comprehensive service. We now offer two types of fits.

A "Medical Bike Fit" is designed to address a specific ache or pain that plagues a rider. If you routinely have discomfort or are recovering from an injury or surgery, this is for you. Careful attention will be paid to your biomechanical limitations and the optimization of your movement on and off the bike.

We also now offer a "Performance Bike Fit". This service uses cutting edge technology to determine the most efficient position for your body. We will help you maximize your output while determining which position allows for lower levels of blood lactate accumulation. Additionally, we will measure your glycogen utilization in each leg and correlate that with a SpinScan to ensure there are no imbalances in muscle utilization. This is the perfect optimization of form and function, and we will set you up for success on the bike! You've never seen a fit session like this before!


VO2max and Lactate Threshold Testing

Measurement of an athlete's physiology is crucial to determining their fitness and planning how best to improve it. This was previously reserved only for elite and professional athletes, but Podium Sports Medicine brings this service to all active individuals. Whether you are training for the Olympics or just trying to lose a few pounds, your training should be as efficient as possible. We all have limited hours in our days, so learning how to optimize your training can be hugely beneficial. In our Performance Lab, you can determine how to get the best results from your training.


Gait Analysis

By many estimates, nearly 70% of runners suffer an injury each year. Most of these injuries are "over-use" rather than traumatic, which means there is something about how they are running that leads to pain. Using video analysis and movement screening in our Performance Lab, we can evaluate your gait diagnostically or preventively. We can also advise you on your "running economy", or how to improve your efficiency while running.


Other Available Performance Lab Services

Functional Movement Screening

Spirometry (Lung Function Testing)

Measurement of Resting Metabolic Rate

Muscle Sound Body Composition Measurement with Ultrasound

Muscle Sound Measurement of Muscle Glycogen Stores