Podium Sports Medicine is excited to announce our new partnership with world-renowned former pro cyclist Andrew Talansky as he prepares to enter the world of Triathlon and Ironman. With multiple top 10 finishes in the Tour de France and Vuelta a España, Andrew is a proven elite endurance athlete primed to make this transition, and Podium is excited to partner with Andrew to promote his optimal health and performance every step of the way. This week, we sat down with Andrew to discuss his motivation behind the career change and the special role Podium will play in helping him succeed.


How do your days and your training look different now that you are targeting Kona rather than Paris?

My days look similar in terms of the overall time required to train, but it's a very new experience combining all three sports and I'm really enjoying the variety.  Most days I complete at least two workouts, and that is a definite shift.  I have always loved the actual training - the process of finding my body's limits and pushing them just far enough to get the most benefit without completely breaking down.  It's a fine line.  I think one of my biggest challenges will be re-learning those lines as they relate to running and swimming, and most importantly learning where that line is as it relates to the sport of triathlon as a whole.  I find this challenge incredibly motivating - learning how to most effectively blend all three sports in training to find the right balance for me.

How will your transition to triathlon impact your role as a husband and father?

The move to Triathlon in relation to my role as a husband and father is one of the things I am most excited about. Professional cycling requires constant travel. From training camps to actual race days, the travel is ongoing nearly all year long. The Grand Tours alone require nearly a month of separation. With the birth of my son Bodhi, I realized I wanted to be a lot more present on a daily basis. For me, being a father isn’t just about creating “big” memories for my child. It’s about being present for all the little things - whether that is reading him a story before I tuck him into bed, or dropping him off at school when that day comes. I really want more of those simple, yet significant, moments. Being a father and a husband, and even a good friend for that matter, defines me. Professional sport is my passion - something I love and that is absolutely a part of who I am, but it isn’t the most significant part. My hope is that Triathlon will allow me to continue pushing my own limits in professional sports, while creating a life more conducive with the husband and father I intend to be.

Why have you decided to partner with Podium Sports Medicine as you undertake this new challenge?

I’m proud to be partnering with Podium Sports Medicine heading into this new career. From my years as a professional cyclist, I’m very well acquainted with the numerous obstacles that elite endurance athletes face. From the nutritional requirements to the constant monitoring to minimize potential setbacks, I know Podium plays a valuable role in keeping me as fit and healthy as possible. I have worked personally with Dr. Kevin Sprouse for several years, and his ever-expanding medical knowledge combined with his genuine commitment to his athletes has made this an easy partnership. Going forward with this new challenge I have intentionally partnered only with people and brands that share my values, both within sport and outside it. I want to be proud of those I represent, and Podium Sports Medicine is the right fit for me.


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