Daily Movement Routine


Start your day off on the right foot 

This routine is designed to help improve your movement patterns. The idea is for you to follow this video as needed before progressing in your own movement practice. The repetitions are not strict, the time is not set in stone. Feel free to pause the video as you need and even revisit movements you found helpful. 

As you become more consistent and confident with your routine feel free to add or remove exercises as you see fit or as directed by us at Podium or a different health care provider. 

These movements should not cause you any pain! This should be a gentle routine that helps you gain balance and start moving better. 

The Exercises

Founder - Cat Cow -  Scapular Drops -  T-Spine Reach Back - Childs Pose - Down Dog Lunge Rotations - Pigeon - Glute Bridges - Dead Bugs - Side Lying Windmill - Founder