Concierge Care & Clinical Coaching

Recognizing that Podium Sports Medicine is uniquely positioned to help athletes with expert advice, we have established the Concierge Care & Clinical Coaching Program for both serious and novice athletes determined to succeed in endurance sports while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The key to this success is optimizing health and physiologic function, and we can help you achieve that. 

In collegiate, Olympic, and professional sports, the athletes have ready access to the expertise of a team physician. When they are sick or injured, they can be quickly evaluated and treated. If there is a question about training or nutrition, they have the resources to obtain an answer expeditiously. We feel that the same level of care should be provided to anyone aiming to improve their health and performance, and we've designed 3 levels of Concierge Care & Clinical Coaching to meet the needs of any athlete and any budget.

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Enrollment in these packages is limited! We can place patients on a wait-list if your desired package is full.

Basic Package

The "Basic Package" introduces the athlete to planned, concierge care and affords them access to the doctor and urgent care appointments when needed.



Comprehensive Package

Our "Comprehensive Package" is designed to be the sweet spot in our concierge offerings. The enrolled patient will receive highly personalized care with a specific plan for improvement.


Elite Package

The "Elite Package" is designed specifically for the elite and professional athlete, although anyone may take advantage of this amazingly comprehensive program.