Elliott Baring

Elliott is an Exercise Physiology student (Senior) at the University of North Georgia and student-intern at Podium Sports Medicine. Elliott has a specific focus with mountain bike training and racing, but can also tailor plans specifically for road and cyclocross. 

Elliott’s extensive background in mountain biking has earned him a pro license at the age of 18, taken him to many Collegiate National Championship podiums, the current Georgia Elite Cyclocross State Championship, and the British Columbia Stage Race in Vancouver. Racing has brought him against some of the sports top athletes and has included multiple stage race, marathon mountain bike, cross-country mountain bike and cyclocross race victories throughout the South East. Elliott began with a cross-country focus but has shifted over the past few years to focus on stage racing, endurance, and marathon mountain biking. He also has an extensive background in racing road and cyclocross  at the elite/pro level.

Elliott is a USA Cycling Certified Level 3 coach with a coaching background that extends through his education in Exercise Physiology. Elliot has a history of training and competing at the top level of the sport. He also has previous intern experience with Carmichael Training Systems. 

Elliott will be offering fully-personalized, custom coaching plans  through the end of April. Elliott's coaching will be a part of a his student internship here at Podium. All coaching packages require a full battery of performance lab tests. By gathering all the necessary data Elliott will prescribe you with a program as well as help with its implementation. 


Coaching Package

The cost of the Coaching Package is $150 and includes comprehensive Physiological Testing to determine baseline levels that will be critical to developing your training plan. Upon completion of testing, you will receive a TrainingPeaks account and a tailored training plan until the end of April. 

If interested in the Coaching Package, please fill out this form to contact Podium Sports Medicine and you will receive a response back in 2-3 days. You can also contact Elliott directly at baringperformance@gmail.com

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