WHOOP Article About Dr. Sprouse

WHOOP makes one of the most advanced tracking bands on the market right now.  They recently posted an article about how Dr. Kevin Sprouse uses this technology with his patients around the world.

Many doctors struggle to figure out how best to motivate their patients to engage in daily physical activity. Not me.

As a Sports Medicine physician, I work with elite and professional athletes from multiple disciplines, as well as many hard-charging “weekend warriors.” The vast majority of my practice consists of advising and treating this demographic. I’m also the Head of Medicine for a World Tour professional cycling team, with athletes scattered across the United States, Europe, Australia and South America. Whether they are cyclists, triathletes, runners, golfers, obstacle course racers, baseball players, CrossFitters, or athletes from any other sport, my patients tend to go hard.

In working with this driven athlete population, I focus not only on injury and illness treatment, but also on health, performance, and injury prevention. When I order blood tests, I’m often not looking for disease. Instead, I’m looking for early signs of imbalance, dietary deficiency and physiologic response to training stress. I evaluate lactate threshold profiles, continuous glucose monitors and training logs.

In my opinion, you can’t separate health from performance. A healthier athlete performs better, it’s that simple.