MuscleSound Service at Podium


Podium Sports Medicine is proud to be one of the first centers in the eastern US utilizing MuscleSound in a clinic setting.  This non-invasive technology allows for the evaluation of muscle health and fuel status in athletes.  It also provides a means for the scrutinizing dietary strategy and glycogen utilization.  These tests previously required minor surgical procedures and biopsy of muscle tissue, but now athletes can gain this information using non-invasive ultrasound imaging.

Additionally, Muscle Sound is able to give quick and accurate body composition measurements which allows for inexpensive longitudinal tracking of an athlete's progress.

Sessions for either MuscleEnergy Status or Body Composition cost only $25ea.

Package Discount

Buy 5 sessions for $100

  • Muscle Sound is a technology that was previously only available to professional athletes and teams.
  • It provides an opportunity to look inside your muscles to determine true readiness for performance, muscle health, and injury prevention.
  • Evaluate muscle imbalances, propensity to injury, and signs of overtraining.

Read a case study about how MuscleSound can help you optimize your nutrition.