NEW 2018 Bike Fits at Podium - Leomo, Lactate, MuscleSound, FMS


Bike fits at Podium Sports Medicine are unlike anything you've experienced before.  You may be familiar with our philosophy, but basically, we take a full assessment of your body's movement patterns before ever even setting you on your bike.  We first set out to understand how you move, your limitations, and your strengths.  Then, we set up your bike to best accommodate you and your goals, working within the constraints of your body and your movement patterns.  To accomplish this, here are the tools we utilize:

  1. Functional Movement Screen - a quick test to assess 7 basic movement patterns
  2. MuscleSound - using ultrasound imaging, we can quantify your muscles' fuel stores to see if there is an imbalance in utilization from one side to another.
  3. Video analysis using Dartfish software.
  4. Leomo TYPE-R - motion analysis.  Allows us to gather real-time data on movement and locate "dead spots" in your pedal stroke.  We can even have you take these sensors out on the road and see how fatigue impacts your fit!
  5. Sometimes we end up debating between a couple of positions for optimal performance.  One may be very aerodynamically efficient, but it may be too aggressive for the rider to hold efficiently.  In these cases, we can use lactate testing to determine where you get the most "bang for your buck" when it comes to physiologic cost.

A bike fit at Podium is not like those you've had before!  Make your appointment to get your fit optimized today!

 Leomo TYPE-R Head Unit

Leomo TYPE-R Head Unit